What Are R6 & R15 Avatars In Roblox? – Answered

Find out what the different Avatar types are.

As Roblox continues to grow and evolve, so have the Robloxians that players control daily. For those that have been playing long enough, there was a drastic change when Roblox introduced the R15 Avatars and a whole new world of possibilities opened up not only for the way they moved and interacted with their environments but also the way that creators could mess with the game. But, what do these letters and numbers mean in the world of Roblox?

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What Do R6 & R15 Stand For In Roblox?

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From its original release, all the way up until 2016, Roblox used the standard R6 Avatar rig. The R6 avatar was rather limited in what it could do because it was limited to 6 Joints of Articulation. That means everything looked a bit robotic, which makes sense since the Ro in Roblox was originally meant to stand for Robot. Your points of articulation with the R6 Rig are as follows:

  • Two Arms
  • Two Legs
  • Torso
  • Head

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However, when the R15 Avatars came onto the scene, things changed rather quickly. With 15 Joints of Articulation, players were treated to a much more realistic-looking avatar, with proper walking animations, better jumping animations, and so much more. While they still share the same blocky aesthetic with their R6 counterparts, things were much more smooth overall, leading the platform to look and play better than ever.

Can You Still Use The R6 Avatars?

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the simpler days of Roblox, you’ll be glad to know that you can swap back to the R6 Avatar Rig at any time. However, some limitations come with this. With many of the newer cosmetics snapping and fitting onto the R15 Rigs, you may lose access to some of the clothing that you have purchased. However, if you’re aiming to look like a Noob for old-times sake, you can complete the look with the movements to match.

No matter if you’re looking to learn more about the history of Roblox, or just want to find some new experiences, make sure that you check out our Roblox section below. You’ll find codes, experiences, error fixes, and so much more with just a few simple clicks.

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