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What are Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail?

It may not be what you think it is, but it also sort of is?

by Jordan Lemons

Ever since Honkai: Star Rail came out, it’s been kind of hard not to make comparisons with Genshin Impact. Fuel is the same as Resin, Wishes are referred to as Fuel because we’re on a train, and Immersifiers are… Condensed Resin? Sort of, but they don’t really have the use you would think. Here’s what Immersifiers are and how to get them in Honkai: Star Rail.

What are Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail?

You actually won’t come across Immersifiers until you have unlocked World 3 in the Simulated Universe, but these items are meant to be the currency you insert into a machine that will then reward you with Relics. They aren’t your standard type of relics either, these are typically your last remaining two Relics in the selection that will add an additional effect and boost to your character. They can also come with valuable Stats such as having a main Stat that matches the Element Type that the character possesses. For the Trailblazer when they follow the path of Destruction, the best Relic Stat is going to be something that is based on Physical Damage Bonus since it’ll increase that specific type of damage for their attacks. 

Likewise, there are many types of Stats that you can receive depending on your luck with using the Immersifiers. It’s a bit of an odd way to get additional Relics since there is already a way to go to Cavern of Corrosion and get most of the body armor there, but with these extra effects and special Stats, they aren’t something you can overlook. Since there are two Relics, there’s also an extra. It’ll typically be for Attack, Crit, or Effect Hit Rate, or Energy. Something simple that your character lacks in their build or a way for you to utilize the boosts the character gets from specific stats. 

Where to Get Immersifiers in Honkai: Star Rail

You’ll actually get plenty of these just from completing a few worlds in Herta’s Simulated Universe. It’s one of the first rewards you get from the start of every week, so you gotta make time for the weekly run-in at your spooky space rogue game. You can also get them from the Fuel you build up every day or the Energy you use to battle bosses, and retrieve basic items for your Light Cones and Character Ascension. By compiling 40, you can produce one Immersifiers to use in the Simulated Universe. Although this does compare to the Condensed Resin in Honkai: Star Rail, the only use thus far is in the Simulated Universe at Herta’s Space Station. The Relics are a must, but you can’t exactly use Immersifiers to get items for leveling up Traces or getting any other kinds of Relics. So it’s best to just get the ones from the Simulated Universe Point System Rewards and plan around trading those Immersifiers Coins in for some good Relics. It just might help to save until you can get some Gold Relics so you aren’t stuck with subpar Relics in the meantime.

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