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What is Praise of High Morals Used For in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

The Good Deeds Trophy

by Jordan Lemons

Honkai: Star Rail has some pretty bonkers interactions whether you’re pondering the state of life with a dumpster or flirting with a trashcan, there never ceases to be any boring investigate option in this game. But occasionally, have you come across a rather bizarre-looking trophy? Here’s what Praise of High Morals are used for in Honkai: Star Rail.

What are Praise of the High Morals in Honkai: Star Rail?

Praise of the High Morals are items that you receive for carrying out well-mannered actions around the world you are investigating in Honkai: Star Rail. These items are completely random in how they are handed out, not by a coding standard but in a way where you never would have expected that such a simple action as continuing to converse with a trashcan would reward in such an item. 

It’s pretty difficult to organize a guide around how to find these when they literally spawn from just doing ordinary tasks around the world. The best tip we can offer is that because these items drop when you commit good deeds, so it’s best to think of what would reward you for your actions. Like tucking back the mail when it’s about to fall out of the post box or signing out the survey sheet in the Goethe Grand Hotel in Boulder Town. 

Honkai: Star Rail is so chock full of story and activities to do in just everyday gameplay that it’s hard to list everything down especially when most of these types of items are rewarded to you for just being a good well-mannered player. 

What are Praise of the High Morals Used For in Honkai: Star Rail?

These items aren’t just curiosities to add to your collection though, they do have their uses. You may find that you come across a rather difficult decision that is a bit more weighty than you would expect like, “Do you open that random suitcase in the middle of the train station?” It seems a little bit shady and more than a little dangerous. So it may take some fan-dangling with the game in order to actually discover if you want to know the contents of that suitcase. This can result in either blowing up the station or discovering a Fancy Golden Watch, it’s your journey to figure out.

Or maybe, you would rather toss a coin in the fountain. Nah, just toss the whole trophy in the fountain and see what may come out. If Arthur could retrieve a sword from a lake, I should be able to get a half-decent Light Cone from a fountain in the middle of Belabog. You won’t get a light cone from the fountain, unfortunately, but you can still get some pretty cool items. Don’t spend all of your High Morals at the fountain though.

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We have the answers to these queries of mystery and more as long as you know the right place to look. Keep up with us on our Honkai: Star Rail tag just below this article to figure out where to use these curious trophies and how to get the most back for stumbling across them. Until next time, Trailblazers!

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