What is the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

I'm back in the f*cking building again--

At first, I was sure that the Simulated Universe was going to be the worst type of hell to come my way in Honkai: Star Rail, but I got all new kinds of trauma running into the Forgotten Halls. If you are familiar with the Abyss in Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3rd, then you will already know what we are about to get into.

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What is the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail?

The Forgotten Hall is a series of challenges against enemies that you have already faced, separated in difficulty by floors. The first few floors are not all that difficult by the time you have unlocked the Forgotten Hall, but as you steadily rise through the ranks, they will increasingly get tougher and tougher as the levels rise and the opponents you face are no mere enemies you meet in the Backpass alleyway. 

Thus far, there are a total of 15 floors. However, they are separated by “Memory” and “Memory of Chaos.” The first few floors that identify as “Memory” will be the simple challenges where you go up against enemies and merely have to level and tailor your characters to the fight for the best chances of winning.

However, once you get to the more advanced levels, “Memory of Chaos,” you will be met with greater challenges that will require you to strategize when you put together your character builds before entering the fight. Memory of Chaos challenges will refresh periodically, and the rewards will be up for grabs once you manage to complete those floors each refresh. While this challenge may not be so easy in the beginning, it will be a nice way to get rewards later in the game when we are waiting for updates and characters to be released in new banners. 

How to Unlock the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail

This task should not be too large of an ask since it will unlock automatically once you complete the story quest “Fleeting Lights.” At around Trailblazer level 21, Pom-Pom will text you detailing a mysterious phenomenon happening around the Express. 

As long as you are not one to back down from a request from one of the cutest mascots of the year, you will meet with Pom-Pom at the Express to find out more about these lights that he keeps seeing around the train. Once you begin your investigation, you will come across a peculiar item that was not on the train before, a broken mirror. Interacting with this mirror will allow you to encounter the strange agent who will offer to put you through some trials so that you may learn more about memories and unlock a variety of different rewards. 

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