Honkai: Star Rail Fleeting Lights Mission Guide

Exclusive access to an alternative-reality dungeon inside your mind

Fleeting Lights is an Adventure Quest in Honkai: Star Rail. This is a simple but very important quest to complete as it gives you access to the Forgotten Hall, a place where you can have a rematch with stronger versions of previous bosses to get tons of rewards and useful resources. This is, alongside the Simulated Universe, the main end-game content in Star Rail, so you might wanna start getting into it as soon as possible. Here’s our guide on the Fleeting Lights mission in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to Complete the Fleeting Lights Mission and Unlock the Forgotten Hall

Fleeting Lights will appear as an Adventure Mission triggered after Pom-Pom sends you a message asking you to visit the Express, and will then be available in your Missions log. The message should pop up after reaching Trailblaze Level 21. Teleport to the Parlor Car and speak with Pom-Pom. The small bunny is worried about the presence of something that he cannot see but can definitely feel in the Express. 

It’s up to you to solve this problem, so take your time examining all of those other completely unrelated things until you decide to go for the mirror that just appeared out of nowhere. A female figure jumps out of it and will start explaining about the Forgotten Hall and how the Garden of Recollection is interested in your memories. The usual protagonist rizz.

Anyway, the entity asks you to try the Hall out and you can have a look at how it works. It works similarly to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss. You get a buff for an element when entering a room and you have three challenges to meet, which are usually “Win the battle in x rounds” and “No more than x downed character(s)”. Clearing one room is enough for the quest.

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Go back and speak with the team about the disturbance in the Express. You can cover up for the Hall’s Messenger or tell them the truth. If you choose the latter, their memories about the incident will be wiped anyway, but at least you tried to be true to your friends.

Forgotten Hall Rewards and Prizes

Completing the Hall awards you with Lucent Afterglow, which can be exchanged with the Messenger for a few special Light Cones. Completing a room with its challenges gives you stars for each of them, and every 3* allows you to claim x200 Stellar Jades and x20000 Credits. There are currently 15 rooms in the Forgotten Hall, so that translates to a total of x30000 Stellar Jades and x300000 Credits.

On another page, this allows you to rebuttal all of the story bosses. There are various achievements related to defeating them in certain ways, so you can get them here if you didn’t while initially fighting them.

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