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How to Get and Use the Dazzling Golden Watch in Honkai: Star Rail

It's not theft if you did good things a while ago

by Patrick Souza

Hidden objectives that give out extra achievements and other minor rewards are always a very nice touch to have in games, and Honkai: Star Rail is filled with those. Getting a random item from an NPC can be the first step to getting a somewhat better reward down the line, and this is just what happens with the Dazzling Golden Watch.

This item is found seemly at random, but there’s actually a very easy way of using it so it won’t rot in your inventory. If you have it or just wanna complete another minor quest, take a few minutes to read this guide.

How to Get and Use the Dazzling Golden Watch in Honkai: Star Rail

The Dazzling Golden Watch is obtained in the underground zone of the Administrative District area. You get free access to it after completing the “No Time for Me, My Friend” Trailblaze Mission and finishing Jarilo-VI’s arc. Travel to the area and look for a locked suitcase on a bridge.

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The Trailblazer is a very honorable, selfless and respectful individual. With that said, don’t hesitate to spend one of your Praise of High Morals to crack open that luggage. 

Praises can be obtained by accomplishing good deeds in various zones or completing other hidden missions, such as leaving a review on Boulder Town’s hotel. For every praisable act you have done, you can commit a heinous act such as this to balance things out. Best. Karma. System. Ever.

With the watch in hand, it’s time to actually make a good deed. Now climb up the stairs and search for its owner, Wallace. He’s at the center of the city, right next to the monument in Belobog. You might remember him from some Daily Missions where he’s constantly asking you to help him make friends.

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Speak with him and ask if this is his watch. Despite his nonexistent enthusiasm about having it back, he’ll still reward you with 5000 Credits. Not the best reward but hey, at least we did a good thing by breaking into someone else’s luggage!

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