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What are Hot Streak Flames in MW2 and Warzone? Ranked Win Streaks Explained

Get your streaks up!

by Joe Greene
MW2 Ranked Win Streaks

Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 has introduced tons of exciting new features to Ranked play. One of the lesser known features is the addition of Hot Streak Flames. Previously there was no benefit to winning a bunch of ranked games in a row, however Hot Streak Flames give players some incentive to keep a win streak. Without further ado, continue reading to learn the ranked win streak bonuses in COD MW2 and Warzone!

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COD MW2 and Warzone Ranked Win Streaks Explained

Firstly, MW2 players can get Hot Streak Flames by winning three or more ranked games in a row within a seventy-two-hour period. These flames will stay until you lose a match.

While there are no bonuses or rewards for getting Hot Streak Flames, they do show up on your profile as flames around your rank and are quite intimidating to other players!

Imagine playing against someone with a twenty-win streak in the past seventy-two hours! That might be a scenario in which a dodge may be warranted…

This has been confirmed by an official Treyarch account on Reddit. This should quell any rumors or hearsay about ranked win streaks!

(Image via Reddit)

So yes, while there are no rewards for getting a sick ranked win streak in MW2, you still can strike fear into your opponents with a massive win streak.

Now that you know how to get Hot Streak Flames in MW2, it is time to get out there and work on that streak!

Hopefully this clears up any questions! If you enjoyed this, maybe you should check out the other amazing Call of Duty content at Prima Games!

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