Warzone Friends List Not Working Bug Explained and Possible Workarounds

Or just play with randos and reply to their angry messages

It seems like Call of Duty: Warzone is cursed. Every now and then players will boot the game up to play with their friends, and see a big empty void instead of their list of friends. Sometimes a fix comes in, sometimes you just wait. It seems like yet another wave of friend list woes have hit the playerbase this week, and there are, at least, a number of possible workarounds or troubleshooting methods to try.

Call of Duty: Warzone Friends List Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

This is not a “how to fix” article because there is no true fix available. It’s either an issue on Activision’s end or some kind of connection/cache/internet snag. So really, the best thing you can do is check in and see what other players are trying and give those things a whirl yourself. Below, I’ve listed what appear to be the most common ways Warzone friends have been able to get around this glitch:

  • Turn off Crossplay
  • Use console/platform invites if applicable
  • Quit and reboot the game client
  • Link your Battle.net accounts to Discord, then join each other through there
  • Clear your cache (for consoles, unplug and wait at least 30 seconds)
  • Try inviting friends listed as Offline
  • Use search for party and coordinate to get in the same group
  • Stop lying about having friends to cause trouble on social media
  • Reboot your router and/or internet devices
  • Scroll through threads on Reddit until you find the one thing that only worked for you and one other person for some reason

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If none of this stuff works, you’re just gonna be at the mercy of luck. Your best bet at that point would be to check official sources on Twitter to see if there are any ETAs or other acknowledgments of the issue. And in the meantime, try not to stress about it and come back later. Maybe play some CoD Mobile while the Ghost in the Shell event is still on. Try a colorful, offline platformer. Learn a trade! Go back to school. Give MultiVersus a shot. Milk some yaks in Final Fantasy XIV. Who knows how long you’ll be waiting?

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