Vibranium Mines: New Location in Marvel Snap, New Card, Best Deck

Wakanda forever!

Vibranium is a fictional metal in Marvel Universe, which is found only in Wakanda. The first appearance of Vibranium happened in Daredevil #13 back in February 1966 (oh, how time flies). Prima Games will report on Vibranium Mines and everything that goes with it, including the new card Vibranium, and the Deck that would best go around this location since the location is bound to appear more these first few days of its release.

What are the Vibranium Mines in Marvel Snap?

Vibranium Mines are similar to another location in the game because of the effect but do not get confused. It is not a replacement for Lechuguilla (When you play a card here shuffle 3 rocks into your deck). It’s probably a part of the promotional activity for the movie Wakanda Forever. Here’s the screenshot of the location:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Every time you play a card on Vibranium Mines, the game will shuffle three Vibranium rocks in your Deck. One would say that it’s useless (until they learn about the effect of Vibranium) and there is some cool stuff and combos that you can do with it.

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What is Vibranium in Marvel Snap and what does it do?

Vibranium is a new card in Marvel Snap that is (for now) only generated by the Vibranium Mines when you play a card on the location. See the screenshot below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Vibranium is a 1-Cost 4-Power card that has an Ongoing effect: Can’t be Destroyed. Oh, goodie! Elektra, Killmonger, and similar cards and locations can’t touch it! That is of course, unless a location or a card removes the Ongoing effect from it, like Enchantress for example, or Isle of Silence (Ongoing effects are disabled here).

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Best Deck and Strategy to Use With Vibranium Mines

Basically, a 1-Cost 4-Power card that cannot be destroyed is definitely something that’s overpowered. But, how would someone be able to use it to its full potential?

One of the combos that come to mind is Ka-Zar (which grants the Vibranium +1 Power), Blue Marvel (which grants them +1 Power more), and Onslaught, which doubles the Ongoing effect of both of them if they share the location.
In addition to that, Spectrum can further your goal of overpowering the opponent because it grants all of the Vibranium on the field +2 Power. Bishop is cool to have around as well. Don’t forget the Moongirl, as she can double your hand and allow you to spam these crazy stones all over the board. In case you are deep into the Collection tree, you will certainly have some draw cards which you should definitely use. The deck we’ll present below is basically a low-cost rush deck:

# (1) Ant Man  # (1) Hawkeye  # (1) Agent 13  # (1) Iceman  # (2) Armor  # (2) Scarlet Witch  # (3) Bishop  # (4) Ka-Zar  # (4) Moon Girl  # (5) Blue Marvel  # (6) Spectrum  # (6) Onslaught  #  eyJDYXJkcyI6W3siQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiQW50TWFuIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJIYXdrZXllIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJBZ2VudDEzIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJJY2VtYW4ifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkthWmFyIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJCbHVlTWFydmVsIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJCaXNob3AifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IlNjYXJsZXRXaXRjaCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiT25zbGF1Z2h0In0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJBcm1vciJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiU3BlY3RydW0ifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6Ik1vb25HaXJsIn1dfQ==  #  # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

Maria Hill, Shanna the She-Devil, War Machine are also cool cards to have, but they are way deep in the Collection tree.

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Short Explanations of Deck Choices:

  • # (1) Ant-Man – Decent 1-Drop, works well with your endgame
  • # (1) Hawkeye – Crap 1-Drop, but we gotta put something in. Try Ebony Maw if you do not like Hawkeye. Or Korg! Korg is fun if you drop it on turn 1 and cancel out one of the draws of your opponent effectively. Or Yondu! Yondu removes a potentially game-winning card from your opponent’s deck.
  • # (1) Agent 13 – Decent 1-Drop, which can randomly generate a great card for you.
  • # (1) Iceman – Great 1-Drop, which can derail your opponent’s strategy.
  • # (2) Armor – You have to protect yourself from the slaughter of all of your 1-Drops. Everyone is running Killmonger.
  • # (2) Scarlet Witch – Best tech card in the game probably, never having a deck without it. Important to derail the opponent’s strategies with existing location and/or to remove the location that’s bothering you
  • # (3) Bishop – It’s cool to have but not really mandatory. You may even put Shang-Chi as a tech against 9+ Power cards.
  • # (4) Ka-Zar – Core booster
  • # (4) Moon Girl – We are still testing her and it’s possible that she might fall out of the picture. We might go for the Squirrel Girl even.
  • # (5) Blue Marvel – Core booster
  • # (6) Spectrum – Core booster
  • # (6) Onslaught – Core booster

Strategy for Vibranium Mine Deck in Marvel Snap

We will keep this short, with some notes about the principles for this deck:

  • Do not be scared if the location does not come up. The deck works legitimately fine
  • If you have a decent hand that will follow your Mana curve, ESPECIALLY if you have all the top cards for late game, spam the hell out of the location. The first three turns matter a lot. And of course, Vibranium is great to stop your Mana from going to waste. Even if you get just one
  • Protect your Deck’s 1-Drops with Armor. We can’t stress this enough.
  • Whenever there’s a chance to draw a card or get 1-Cost cards from your deck, seize it.
  • Do not expect this deck to lead you to top ranks. It’s a fun deck, to break the boredom of a stale meta.

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We hope you will have fun. Check out our Marvel Snap coverage at our game tag below!

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