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Valkyrie Elysium – How to Get All Endings

Valkyrie choose thy fate!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Valkyrie Elysium - How to Get All Endings

Although Valkyrie Elysium brought huge changes to the JRPG series – being an action game and not a JRPG, to begin with – some things still remained the same. Similar to the old games in the Valkyrie series, Valkyrie Elysium has multiple endings. Luckily this isn’t Nier and you won’t have to go through the game several times to see countless different endings, there are only four of them here and they all depend on the choices and things you can do in the last chapter of the game.

So basically with only one save file from the final chapter, with the help of the following guide, you can get to see all the different ways in which Valkyrie Elysium’s story can end.

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Valkyrie Elysium – How to Get All Endings?

Check out the guides below to find out how to get to the four different endings in Valkyrie Elysium.

Of course, some SPOILERS are incoming!

Ending A

  • Prerequisites: Nothing special, you don’t have to collect all Verdant Blossoms, you just need to view one optional scene with Armand in the final chapter.
  • Hot to get it: Just watch the optional Armand scene in the final chapter, he is in the north part of the last stage and can be spotted on the map. Select the 2nd dialogue option.
  • What will happen: Valkyrie goes to “be human with Armand”, roll credits – a somewhat happy ending?

Ending B

  • Prerequisites: Really nothing, don’t collect Verdant Blossoms, and ignore Armand in the final stage.
  • Hot to get it: Just go to the marked destination in the last stage, and ignore everything else.
  • What will happen: Boss fights, a lot of them, and then a bad ending.

Ending C

  • Prerequisites: Don’t collect Verdant Blossoms either, but select a different option in the additional Armand scene.
  • How to get it: Same as Ending A just select the first dialogue option.
  • What will happen: Valkyre decides to stay Valkyre and do Valkyre thing till the end, a lot of boss fights with some handicaps even, and also a very bad ending.

Ending D

  • Prerequisites: Get all of the Verdant Blossoms
  • How to get it: Just collect all of the Verdant Blossoms, then talk with Armand and again select the 1st option.
  • What will happen: Boss fights! A lot of them, featuring Odin the real final boss, defeating him brings the real true ending to Valkyrie Elysium.

That’s all regarding the alternative endings of Valkyrie Elysium. By unlocking all four endings you will earn Trophies, and complete the story and everything you can do in the game because New Game+ does not exist at least for now. Have fun!

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