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Final Fantasy Remake Sequel, Crisis Core Remake Revealed during Square Enix Stream

Get ready for more Sephiroth Shenanigans

by Lucas White

During the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary stream, Square Enix crammed a lot into ten minutes. Of course, the biggest news was two different new games were announced. First was the rumored remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core ─Final Fantasy VII─ Reunion. Then, the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake was finally revealed, along with the plan for the series as a whole. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second of a confirmed trilogy. There was also news for upcoming mobile games and merchandise celebrating the anniversary.

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Crisis Core ─Final Fantasy VII─ Reunion is a remake or reimagining (a press release says “HD Remaster, but uh that sounds inaccurate”) of Crisis Core, which was released on the PSP. Many of the font and UI elements are shared with FF7R, hinting that this new version will have a connection to that version of the story. The game is planned for release this coming winter, for every current console. Even the Switch!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was introduced with a trailer, giving us the very first look at the sequel. Things are definitely popping off with the whole diverging from the original story thing, that much is certain. Rebirth has been given a release window of next winter, for the PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, the first game is coming to Steam June 17, 2022.

Also coming in 2022 is a closed beta test for Ever Crisis, the free to play mobile game comprising the stories from (ostensibly) every piece of the Compilation of Final Fantasy. The battle royale game First Soldier is headed towards its third season.

The new merchandise includes the usual expensive figures, as well as a buster sword clock and most notably a new vinyl album made up of a curated list of tracks from all of Compilation. A version of this album will be translated to streaming platforms in some capacity.

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