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V Rising: Where to Build Your First Castle Location Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

Choosing where to set your base in V Rising is essential – you must choose wisely. There is a multitude of factors that affect which location to select for your base, including the position of waygates, NPCs you can convert to Servants, and access to resources and materials, among others. Picking the right location for your base is paramount as it will affect your progression as a vampire in the vast open world, so make sure that you are close to waygates and other vital landmarks. Here’s where to build your first castle in V Rising.

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Best Castle Locations in V Rising

Divided into five areas, Vandoran offers several great locations for your Gothic-themed majestic castle.

All five areas – Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Silverlight Hills, Cursed Forest, and Hallowed Mountains – hold a few spots for a base, but we will break down the best options.

West Farbane Woods

The most desired location for setting the foundation for your gothic-styled castle might be the West Farbane Forest.
Next to the Haunted Iron Mine, which will grant you a nice amount of Iron Ore, it is an excellent spot for the early-game and is close to Bandit Armory and Gleaming Meadows.

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West Silverlight Hills

This one is a great spot for both early and the late game as you will be in for a ton of Silver Ore thanks to the proximity of the Sacred Silver Mine. It is brimming with numerous farming resources and it only needs defending from the east.

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South Dunley Farmlands

This location is for those who are only tip-toeing into the world of survival games. Set between hills and rivers, many resources are at a click of a mouse, including quartz, cotton, iron, glass, and Mourning Lily, located at the Dunley Monastery.

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East Cursed Forest

East Cursed Forest offers a lot of perks. For instance, it is located in the corner of the map and therefore needs defending only from one side. Moreover, it is located next to the Spider Cave and the Ancient Village. It is brimming with late-game advanced materials such as Spectral Dust, Scales, Ghost Yarn, and many others.

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Now that you know where to set your base, you might need some additional help such as finding the best Copper Ore locations, or you can just simply click on the tag below the article and check our other guides.

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