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V Rising Copper Ore Locations

by Nikola Pajtic

One of the integral resources and materials in V Rising is copper. If you want to become the strongest Vampire in the glorious world of V Rising, then you will need a lot of it. The early game will task you with farming copper, which is essential for the weapon, gear, and castle upgrades. Here’s all of the V Rising copper ore locations.

Where to Get Copper Ore in V Rising

Many players will experience a hard time finding copper, but we are here to help find all possible copper ore locations. Copper ore nodes are scattered across various locations on the V Rising map. 

You may have already run into a copper node depending on where you have made the base for your vampire stronghold. 

However, before you can harvest from these nodes, you will first need to upgrade your Bone tools to reach a Gear Score of 6+. If you try farming with a lower level weapon or tool, you will receive a red message that reads “Attack level too low.”

You will find copper nodes at these listed locations throughout the map:

  • In the wooded area just slightly northwest of the Bandit Trapper Camp
  • In the area that surrounds the Bandit Camp directly north of the Bandit Copper Mine
  • In the small snowy, mountainous region northeast of Farbane Woods
  • In the zone west of the Bandit Stronghold in the northern section of Farbane Woods
  • In the Stone Ruin southeast of the Bandit Sulphur Quarry

However, there is yet another copper ore location, and that is the Bandit Copper Mine. 

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The Bandit Copper mine is a landmark in Farbane Woods, just southwest of the Forgotten Cemetery and southeast of the Bandit Armory. 

Before entering the location, ensure you have a powerful weapon with you as you will face the V Blood boss, Errol the Stonebreaker. The mine houses numerous enemies as well, so be sure to also use the Blood Rite ability.

The Bandit Copper mine will provide you with around 20 copper ore veins if you maximize the efficiency. To do so, use your Bone Mace and consume Worked Blood. 

Now that you have collected enough copper ore, you are ready to craft Copper Ingots, and if you need more help, click on the tag below the article for more guides on V Rising.

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