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V Rising Cave Passage Locations and Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

Awakening as a vampire is in a vast open world might create a problem if you don’t know how to fast travel. Luckily, the land of Vardoran has a few tricks up its sleeve, and one of them is cave passages that allow you to get from one part of the map to the other instantly. However, these are not easy to locate – here’s all of the cave passage locations in V Rising.

V Rising Cave Passage Locations

Cave Passages are the best method that can be used to fast travel across the regions of Vardoran. To find them, look for glowing red cracks on the side of rock walls.

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To make it even easier, here is a list of all the Cave Passage locations in V Rising and their exits:

  • Left Side Cursed Forest Entry / Far Left Farbane Woods Exit
  • Right Side Cursed Forest Entry / Top Left Dunley Farms Exit
  • Bottom Right Silverlight Hills Entry / Far Right Farbane Woods Exit
  • South of Dunley Farms Entrance Entry / Bottom of Farbane Woods Exit

Once you have found the glowing red crack, press and hold F to travel through the passage. The good thing about cave passages is that you can use them without the need to empty your inventory.

The main drawback is that there are only a few of them and they are all one-sided, meaning that you can’t use them to return to the starting point.

If you find this a problem, V Rising offers another way to travel quickly through Vardoran: Vampire Waygates.

Vampire Waygates and How to Use Them in V Rising

Vampire Waygates are much more frequent than cave passages, however, there is a limiting factor to them that makes them less effective. With that said, you are unable to travel through Waygates while carrying loot. Nevertheless, as you progress and become a more powerful vampire, you will be able to place your own Vampire Waygate in the castle and use it to easily traverse to the desired location. There are several waygates in every region of the map:

Farbane Woods Waygate Locations

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You will find four waygates on the outskirts of the region as shown on the map above.

Silverlight Hills Waygates

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Unfortunately, Silverlight Hills holds only one Vampire Waygate which makes fast traveling around the region a bit challenging.

Cursed Forest Waygates

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The Cursed Forest region is no better than the Silverlight Hills as it features only one Waygate, which is not too far from Dunley Farmlands.

Dunley Farmlands Waygates

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Dunley Farmlands is rich with Vampire Waygates as it has four of these fast-travel perks.

Hopefully, this has helped you reach your destination with ease, and if you need help solving other problems in the game, click on the tag below the article for more guides.

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