Riot Games' popular first-person shooter Valorant has captivated the video game community with the excitement that it can provide those who jump into its world. Players who do venture into Valorant can control characters known as Agents. These Agents all possess unique abilities that allow them to help their teams secure victory in different ways. However, players must unlock some of these characters before they can use them in matches. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to unlock these characters covered for you.

How to Unlock Agents in Valorant

Players will find that they have five available characters to play as when they first start playing. There is then an additional five Agents that players can unlock. Now, the methods for unlocking these characters is not a complex one. You have the opportunity to unlock two Agents by playing Valorant regularly and leveling up to earn rewards for the closed beta. The reward for reaching level 5 is an Agent unlock. Individuals will then be able to get another character at level 10.

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There is then Agent contracts. Each of the Agents in the tactical shooter has contracts that provide you with rewards for that particular character by leveling it up. All that you need to do is head to the Collection option on the game's main menu and then click on the Agents tab. You can then click on the character you would like to unlock and click the activate button. You will then unlock the character by reaching level five of their contract by gaining experience through playing regular matches. Players can switch between contracts without losing progress for one if you decide to work on unlocking a different member of the Valorant Agents roster to use in all of your future matches. 

The first five levels of a contract do not take a great deal of experience to level. Players should be able to get their new character within a few matches, which means you do not have to worry about grinding long hours of a contract to get the character you have wanted to try out. The daily missions available in the title are also beneficial when it comes to getting additional experience to help level up your contracts after than if you did not complete them. 

You also have the option to spend money to reach level 5 of an Agent contract automatically to get the character if you do not mind spending some cash to do so. 

Players will be able to experience Valorant in entirely new ways when they unlock Agents to use in battle. Let us know which characters are your favorite over on Twitter and Facebook