Tower of Fantasy: How to Fix Disk Space Error

Check your Disk Space folks.

Tower of Fantasy is a huge game. As with any MMO you’ll need a lot of free space to download the game. Players have been encountering an error when downloading the game, though. Here is how to fix the disk space error in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Fix Disk Space Error

The easiest way to fix this error is to free up more space on whatever device you’re downloading the game on. This error is directly linked to insufficient free disk space on your hard drive or mobile phone.

Make sure you have plenty of free space before downloading to avoid this error happening in the future. As with these online games, there will be patches, updates, and expansions that will further increase the size of the install.

If you’re having this error on your phone, maybe it’s time to delete some of those apps you don’t use but sit on your phone. We know you have them; we all do.

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If you have a large internal hard drive on your PC or multiple, make sure the download goes to the right place. This can often times be the case. Sometimes the game will install itself on the C drive instead of your optional drive.

Of course, always keep your eyes out for any tweet from the official Tower of Fantasy Twitter account. These can answer questions you might have or explain valuable tips on fixing a problem.

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Tower of Fantasy is a free to play MMO available on PC and mobile devices.

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