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Tower of Fantasy Data Verification Failed Error 7813201 Explained

Here is what the verification error means.

by Jesse Vitelli

Tower of Fantasy is an online shared world MMO. Like most online games, you will experience errors from time to time, especially when new content or an anticipated update hits. Here’s what the Data Verification Failed Error 7813201 is. Let’s explain below.

Tower of Fantasy Data Verification Failed Error 7813201 Explained

This error in Tower of Fantasy happens while the game is downloading. Many users report running into this error around the 30% mark of their download. The error may occur in higher than usual volume due to the significant traffic and influx of new players. You’ll likely just have to wait it out and see what happens.

The Data Verification issue is a temporary one and isn’t something the user can affect. You can try restarting your internet and reloading the launcher, but none of these are definitive fixes.

If you continue running into this problem in the game’s launcher, your best bet is to reinstall the game from scratch. While not the best solution, it’s the only one that will likely affect the problem. If you’re looking for updates on server problems and other user-related issues, keep an eye on the Tower of Fantasy Twitter account, which posts valuable updates.

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One final fix you can attempt is to repair the game within the launcher’s settings. It’s still relatively unknown the cause of the verification 7813201 error on the developers end, but it’s stopping players from being able to download the game.

Once you get into Tower of Fantasy, we have some helpful guides to help you along. Are you looking to play with a controller? We have you covered. We can also show you how to receive the Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops that are available now.

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