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Game show-like multiplayer game The Finals features three different classes that each have their own armory of weapons to choose from. It is crucial to pick the right one for battle since characters can only bring one main weapon with no secondary or sidearm.

Six Best Weapons in The Finals

There are 20 weapons that players can use in The Finals, but every class has its own loadout. That means the Heavy class cannot use the silenced pistol, while the Light class cannot use the Flamethrower. This list will highlight some of the best weapons for each class.

6. Sledgehammer (Heavy)

The Heavy class can get real close to enemies with the Sledgehammer, taking out the smaller classes in just a few hits. It can also smash through walls and floors with ease, creating new paths to enemies and cash.

5. FCAR (Medium)

The FCAR is a heavier assault rifle than the AKM for the Medium class, but its recoil has to be managed carefully. However, it does come with holographic sight to pin down enemies more easily.

4. XP-54 (Light)

This submachine gun can be perfect for the Light class as it is meant for close-range fights with its little recoil and great damage. Run into a fight, put a clip into an enemy or two, and then quickly escape.

3. Flamethrower (Heavy)

The Flamethrower is absolutely deadly to anyone in close quarters with the Heavy class. The Heavy is not very quick but can burst through a wall and take down multiple enemies by surprise with the Flamethrower.

2. AKM (Medium)

The AKM is the all-around safe option for the Medium class—a basic assault rifle with good damage and manageable recoil. While the Medium class is more about support, they can hold their own in a fight with this weapon.

1. V9S (Light)

The V9S is a must-have for the Light class as it packs a punch despite being a silenced pistol. The gun carries 24 bullets to the clip, has little to no recoil, and has a fast fire rate. The speediness of the class pairs well with the V9S, so get in close to the enemy and take them down within one magazine.

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