Best Loadout for Each Class in The Finals

Build your classes to adapt to any situation.

The Finals hallway shootout
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The Finals has three different classes to choose from, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are the best loadouts for each class in The Finals to keep you and your team alive during matches.

Best Loadout for Light, Medium, and Heavy Classes in The Finals

Each class loadout consists of a Specialization, Weapon, and three Gadgets to use. Players can also equip Reserve items to switch items during matches between deaths to fit a specific situation, but we will focus on the required items that are absolutely necessary.

Best Light Class Loadout

  • Specialization – Cloaking Device
  • Weapon – V9S
  • Gadgets – Motion Sensor, Smoke Grenade, Thermal Vision

The Light class is small and does not have much health, but can easily stealth its way out of situations. This build can help the class quickly hit opponents before they see you.

The Cloaking Device makes players invisible for a short period of time, or completely while standing still, and the Motion Sensor can help track an area nearby while invisible. Otherwise, throw a Smoke Grenade and use Thermal Vision to see what your opponents cannot.

Best Medium Class Loadout

  • Specialization – Healing Beam
  • Weapon – R .357
  • Gadgets – Defibrillator, Jump Pad, Sonar Grenade

The Medium class fits in as the support class of the group with several tools that help the team and make sure they stick with them. The Healing Beam and the Defibrillator are key to keeping the team alive, while the Jump Pad and Sonar Grenade help with mobility and awareness during fights.

The R. 357 revolver only gives six shots at a time, but is very powerful when landed. Try to get to the high ground and quickly whittle away the health of enemies preoccupied with others.

Best Heavy Class Loadout

  • Specialization – Charge ā€˜Nā€™ Slam
  • Weapon – Flamethrower
  • Gadgets – C4, Frag Grenade, RPG-7

The Heavy class works best as a giant disruptor that can instantly change the flow of a fight. The Charge ā€˜Nā€™ Slam ability can barrel through multiple building at once, creating new pathways for the team.

Meanwhile, all three gadgets can be used either offensively or to bring down objectives on higher floors down to ground level and flush out teams on the defensive. The Flamethrower can easily burn the smaller classes to death within range and keep the Heavy moving.

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