How to Invite and Add Friends in The Finals

There's no fun without friends.

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The Finals is a multiplayer game you can play with two of your friends. However, you first have to add your friends to the game and invite them to your lobby, which we will cover how to do in this guide.

How to Invite and Add Friends in The Finals

To invite your friends in The Finals, you need to first add them to the game using their Embark ID. You will be given an Embark ID the moment you create an account for the first time you open the game. You can view the Embark ID in-game by going to theĀ Social Tab.

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You can open the Social Tab by clicking the icon at the top right, next to your username. Here, you will see your Embark ID at the top left. It will be something like “Name#XXXX” next to Social.

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Now that you know the Embark ID of your friend, open the Social Tab and click on Friends. Here, click on Add Friend at the top of the list. Enter your friend’s ID that they shared with you, and click Add Friend.

After you have added your friend to the game, you can now invite each other. But before you do that, make sure your friend and you have the same Crossplay Settings applied. If you have it turned on, tell your friend to turn it on for themself by going to the Gameplay Settings, or your friend will not be able to accept your invite.

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Go to the Social Tab and it will display your friend list. From that list, click on the plus icon next to the friend that you want to invite. It will send an invitation request to your friend, which will appear at the top of the screen. When your friend accepts the request, they will join your lobby.

Now that you have your friends with you in the game, learn how to change your loadouts so you can customize them according to your team playstyle.

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