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The Best Characters and Hiding Spots for Windtrace in Genshin Impact

Making fun of your hunter is the best part

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact Chaos Bolt

While this is more of a skill, wits, and luck-based game above everything else, characters still play a small role in your success or failure in the Wintrace event. Some of them will fit better into smaller spaces, while others are WAY easier to notice than others, making them better or worse for this event.

There were some dark times in which Mona had her running passive activated and could turn into a water pool, being way faster than anyone, and that wasn’t something Hoyoverse would like you to remember. It’s all in the past now.

And since there are no outright broken characters anymore, let’s take a look at which of them can give you a better time hunting or hiding.

The Best Characters for Windtrace in Genshin Impact

For Hunters, your best bet is probably to go with adult male characters as they run faster than others since size and gender does matter in Genshin Impact. Adult female characters are the fastest swimmers to balance things out.

So using Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Thoma or any of those will give you a slight advantage when hunting and even while you’re the prey, but Rebels can do better than that.

A player did a small evaluation of which characters they’ve seen the most during the event’s last run, and the top ones had some small (literally) advantages. The most used ones were Xiao and Sayu. What do they have in common, you might ask? Their size and color schemes.

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Xiao just had his first rerun at the time and some people were probably just flexing him, but he actually feels fast. He’s a pogo stick simulator most of the time, but his other skills just scream “I am speed” louder than Lighting McQueen could ever dream of.

He’s also on the smaller side, even for the young boy model characters, and that helps a ton when hiding. His green-white colors will easily blend with the environment, and you can easily get inside a bush for a while without the Hunter noticing you.

The same can be said about Sayu, and using her to hide is basically canon as she’s always running from the shrine maiden. She might not be able to roll her way away from danger here, but she can easily get into small places and transform without being noticed. Her colors are quite neutral so she can hide well even without camo.

So small characters, even if they run slower than others, are the best options when hiding as people may not even notice you. You can also fit into smaller spaces that people would never guess to take a look at.

But avoid characters that have glaring colors like Yoimiya or Klee when hiding. You probably will be using a disguise most of the time, but you want to be as discrete as possible when running. 

Best Hiding Spots for Windtrace

With your favorite/most efficient character in your hands, your mission is now to avoid being found during the whole match. Use those places or adapt them to your current map.

Clipping through the walls

Barrels and boxes in odd places are easy to notice, but pillars and scarecrows don’t get that much attention. You can still climb while transformed, so turn into one of them and clip your way through any wall until they cannot notice you.

Windtrace Hiding Spot
Screenshot by Prima Games

Small lamps are also great for that. You can turn into a lamp and clip your way into another lamp so people wouldn’t imagine that there’s something there.

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Hide in Plain Sight

Don’t be a coward, just do it! You’ll be surprised by how many people won’t notice a small kid hanging on a random cliff or climbing a nearby wall. You can juggle them for a while if you’re exposed, but be careful as they can get you from either above or below you.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Becoming an NPC

I LOVE those clips where people pretend they are a map NPC and just stand there chilling while utter chaos is happening right before their eyes. It’s just like the previous hiding spots, but you must have a fitting character for that map. Albedo is great with the maids in the Dawn Winery, for example. This will probably not work as well, but it will be funny.

The event runs until January 6th, so take your time to try and test the best spots!

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