Tears of the Kingdom: All Sages Ranked

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In Tears of the Kingdom, you can recruit different sages as allies for your journey to defeat Ganon. This list ranks the sages and their powers based on how helpful and usable they are.

Tears of the Kingdom: All Sages Ranked

Recruiting different sages provides you with a range of different benefits that can be seen below.


A youth in Breath of the Wild, Yunobo returns as the Sage of Fire in Tears of the Kingdom. You can summon him after completing the Eldin Regional Phenomena quest and use his rolling powers to obliterate enemies and obstacles alike. As far as abilities go, Yunobo’s are massively underwhelming. It’s helpful in specific situations and can save you some Bomb Flowers when exploring caves. Otherwise, Yunobo’s greatest use is as an extra hand in a fight, which isn’t saying much considering the general finicky nature of NPC fighters.


Mineru’s storyline is revealed only after completing all the other Sages. As the Sage of Spirit, she takes the form of a construct because she lost her physical form long ago. Once summoned, you can ride on her back to traverse lava and Gloom without taking damage. Additionally, you can fuse Zonai devices to her back or hands and fire arrows at enemies. While Mineru can fight alongside Link, she can sometimes get in the way during battles as it’s easy to accidentally climb onto her back, disrupting the intended attacks.


After clearing Zora’s Regional Phenomena, you can enlist Sidon’s help in battle. His unique water ability envelops you in a protective sphere of water, canceling out a single hit of damage from enemies or other external sources that can provide access to previously inaccessible areas. This skill also enhances your melee attack by expelling the water sphere onto your target. You can increase this damage further by equipping a Zora weapon that gets more powerful when wet. While useful, Sidon is not particularly helpful if you’re looking to make a ranged attack, aside from providing some defense against retaliation.


Of the returning Sage descendants, Riju undergoes the fewest changes since Breath of the Wild. She is still the youngest Gerudo Chief, although now she plays a more active combat role. After clearing the Geruod Regional Phenomena, you can summon her to battle, where she will attack with her Scimitars or provide an electric boost to your ranged attacks. While she is one of the more helpful attackers, her electric power is especially helpful. Activating it extends an electric radius around you and damages the area where an arrow was shot. This ability is perfect for dealing with larger groups or formidable foes like Hinox or Stalnox from a distance.

This power does have a few drawbacks, though. It is purely offensive, so if you don’t have any arrows to shoot, it’s useless to have up. Additionally, in the middle of battle, you often have to seek out Riju to activate the skill. While this is a common challenge for all sages, running up close is counterproductive when trying to attack from a distance.


As the Sage of Wind, Tulin is by far the most helpful among the sages. While flying, you can use Tulin to summon a gust of wind, pushing you further and faster for a few moments, which can be critical for traversing longer distances or reaching an outcropping on time. Tulin’s wind is also helpful in pushing boats, saving you the trouble of collecting Korok fronds.

Tulin’s gift isn’t very useful in combat situations, unlike the other sages. That being said, Tulin is the most helpful person to have in your corner. He is a ranged attacker and frequently makes critical shots, giving you ample opportunity to attack or escape.

Now that you know all about how the sages rank, check out the abundance of different weapon fusion recipes in Tears of the Kingdom.

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