Ranking the Best Unusual Arrow Attachments in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

It's more than just a meal in Tears of the Kingdom!

Without any flowers, fruits, or mushrooms in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is no power, no revitalization, and no element of surprise. In this post, I will rank the best flower, fruit, and mushroom attachments for use with your bow and arrow, adding each attachment’s benefits and where best to farm them in the game.

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These natural but unusual attachments for arrows that you find all over Hyrule, the Great Sky Islands, and in the Depths will come in handy sooner or later while you are on your quest. Some have helped me where there was complete darkness, while others have been the first attachment used when going into battle.

Let’s rank the five best attachments from the flower, fruit, and mushroom attachments.

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The Best Flower, Fruit, & Mushroom Arrow Attachments in TOTK

I have a strong feeling that all readers and players will agree with the number one pick. The other choices may ruffle some arrow flights. 

Fifth Best: Muddle Bud (Fuse Attack Power +1)

Sit back, relax, and watch all the drama unfold with the Muddle Bud. This fused material is best used when you are outnumbered and have a lot of cover to hide behind. Shoot the strongest foe in the group, hideaway, and let them do all the work. 

Muddle Bud in the Depths (Screenshot via Prima Games)

In fact, the best time to release a Muddle Bud is when a group of bandits are standing close together. Whoever is standing close enough to the scent/aroma it gives off will all be affected, and they will start fighting each other. The effect does last for a short while, but the damage will be done. The more Muddle Buds you have, the better. You could use them until they kill each other, and then you just go on and collect all their weapons and body parts.

Benefits of Muddle Bud

  • Confuses all enemies
  • Saves ammo
  • Prevents you from using your weapons

Best Places to Farm Muddle Buds in TotK

The best place to farm Muddle Buds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is when roaming the Depths. There is an abundance of these flowers below the surface. Walking around in the depths is a great place to load up on ammunition.

(Further down in the post is a map location of where best to find plenty of Muddle Buds)

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Fourth Best: Ice Fruit (Fuse Attack Power +1)

The next pick was a tough one because it was between ice fruit, shock fruit, and fire fruit. However, the choice was ultimately made for ice fruit because of its unique quality, which is needed against enemies from fire or heated regions. Fire and shock attachments have little to no effect on these foes, and a cooling element is required and works best.

Shoot any of your enemies in the fire or heated locations with a strong bow, and they will die instantly. If they don’t die, they will be frozen, and you’ll be allowed to finish the job with a melee weapon.

Use Ice Fruit to Freeze Enemies (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Benefits of Ice Fruit

  • Can be used to stun and freeze enemies (lethal against certain enemies)
  • Can be used to make platforms out of water for bridges and walkways
  • Can be used for heat resistance meals

Best Places to Farm Ice Fruit

In the colder regions where cold-resistance clothing is required, ice fruit can be found. If not there, then in the Great Sky Islands above these cold locations, you will also find them scattered around. 

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Third Best: Puffshroom (Fuse Attack Power +1)

Coming in at number 3 is the Puffshroom. This little shroom is another fused item that helps when the odds and numbers are against you. If you’re the type who loves action and enjoys a good squabble with the sword or spear, the Puffshroom is your best friend. 

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It can be used against any and all types of enemies and must be fired directly into the crowd. None of your foes will be able to see you, and you can slash and stab away. It works well when you are up against something like a Hinox or a Talus.

Using a Puffshroom as An Arrow Attachment (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Benefits of Puffshrooms

  • Can be used to conceal movement
  • Disorient enemies
  • Help you leave a battle if you’re taking too many hits and are low on health

Best Places to Farm Puffshroom in TotK

Puffshrooms, like the Muddle Bud, are found in plenty down below. Search around all the trees, statues, and rock formations, and you’ll not be disappointed. 

(Further down in the post is a map location of where best to find plenty of Puffshrooms).

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Second Best: Brightbloom Seed Fuse Attack Power +1

I bet you are asking why the Brightbloom seed is second on the list. In fact, why is it on the list anyway? That’s because, without this little seed that grows into a bright light flower on impact, it would be hard to see or do anything in the Depths. This does make it a vital tool to progress through the game. 

Selecting Brightbloom Seeds as An Arrow Attachment (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Brightbloom also stopped my anxiety when exploring the underworld. Without it, I don’t think I’d find any of the armor sets or roots to dispel the darkness. Without the bloom light, there would be no progression in the Depths.

Benefits of Brightbloom Seeds

  • Lights up dark areas
  • It can be used to sell for more rupees because there are so many around Hyrule
Creating a Bright Light with Brightbloom Seeds (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Best Places to Farm Brightbloom Seed in TotK

The best places to farm Brightbloom seeds are in caves and in the depths. There are loads of these seeds throughout Hyrule, given as a reward, and they can be bought for cheap. 

(Further down in the post is a map location of where best to find plenty of Brightbloom seed).

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Number 1: Bomb Flower Attachment (Fuse Attack Power +1)

The first choice pick is the most used and most famous of all flower attachments in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re coming in with a bang, all guns blazing, the Bomb flower is the strongest asset in your arsenal. 

Blowing up Enemies With a Bomb Flower (Screenshot via Prima Games)

This flower attachment is the perfect weapon of destruction and the best method to break up big packs or knock the bigger baddies off their feet. It is necessary to have plenty of this while on your quest. But be careful, anywhere too close to the powerful explosion this emits, and you’ll be restarting from your last saved checkpoint. 

Benefits of Bomb Flower

  • Attack large groups of enemies and large-sized enemies
  • Used as a quick method to break through breakable walls and floors
  • Used as a quick method to farm all types of ore
A Hot Location For the Following: Bomb Flowers, Muddle Buds, Puffshrooms, & Brightbloom Seeds (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Best Places to Farm Bomb Flower in Tears of the Kingdom

The best places to farm Bomb flowers in Tears of the Kingdom (without any glitches) are below the surface, in the depths, and in caves. They are also sold for hefty prices at some of the general stores across Hyrule. But you really shouldn’t be spending all your rupees on flowers and other attachments.

Top Tip: Collecting poes is also a good way to get Bomb flowers, Muddle Buds, and Puffshrooms. Poes can be collected in the depths. Head to Lookout Landing and pray by the Poes statue in exchange for any of the aforementioned attachments.

There you have my top picks for unusual arrow attachments that are supplied by mother nature throughout Hyrule, above and below in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Check out The Tears of the Kingdom Cooking Recipe Book with all the food recipes you can make in the game.

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