All Weapon Fusion Recipes in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Not all weapons are equal

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A big part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is weapon fusion, and there are quite a few combinations, with some of them being more useful than others. So, let’s get into: here are all the (not awful) weapon fusion recipes in Tears of the Kingdom.

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All Weapon Combinations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

There are well over 100 base weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, but many of those weapons fall into specific categories. Swords, spears, clubs, boomerangs, scepters, and skeletal arms. A Royal Guard’s Spear and a standard rusted spear will yield the same result. The only difference is the end attack.

So, let’s get into all the useful combinations you can make in Tears of the Kingdom, because technically you can fuse any holding item to any weapon. But not all of them are good.

All Sword Fusions in Tears of the Kingdom

A rule of thumb is that if a sword is one-handed, it will create a Reaper. If it’s two-handed, it will create a Blade. If you want a hammer, take a close look at the material you’re fusing. If it’s already hammer-shaped, like a Horriblin Horn, it will create a hammer. A hammer will be fused whether the sword is one-handed or two-handed.

Black Boko ReaperSword + Black Bokoblin Horn+17
Black Horriblin HammerSword + Black Horriblin Horn+22
Blue Lizal ReaperSword + Blue Lizalfos Horn+16
Blue Moblin PounderTwo-handed Sword + Blue Moblin Horn+13
Blue Moblin SmasherSword + Blue Moblin Horn+13
Blue Moblin SmasherTwo-handed Sword + Blue Moblin Horn+13
Boko ReaperSword + Bokoblin Horn+4
Cannon Club      Sword + Cannon+1
Captain I – III ReaperSword + Captain Construct I – III+5 – 25
Diamond BladeSword + Diamond+25
Dragon BladeTwo-handed Sword + Dragon Horn+26, elemental damage when swung
Dragon HammerSword + Dragon Spike+16, elemental damage when swung
Dragon ReaperSword + Dragon Horn+26, elemental damage when swung
Fan GusterSword + Fan+1, charge attack creates a wind force
Flame-Emitter ClubSword + Flame Emitter+1, shoots fire when swung
Horriblin HammerSword + Horriblin Horn+5
Opal SwordSword + Opal+1, summons bouncing orb of water when swung
Rock HammerSword + Rock+1
Rocket ClubSword + Rocket+10, kind of shoots like a throwing spear when thrown
Sapphire SwordSword + Sapphire+1, freezing mist when swung
Soaring ClaymoreSword + Elemental Keese Wing+2, elemental damage when swung
Soaring ClaymoreSword + Keese Wing+1, swings faster
Soldier BladeTwo-handed Sword + Soldier Construct Horn+4
Soldier I – III ReaperSword + Soldier Construct I – III+4 – 16
Spiked-Iron-Ball HammerSpiked-Iron-Ball Hammer+9
Star-Fragment SwordSword + Star-Fragment+1, stars when swung

All Spear Fusions in Tears of the Kingdom

Spears are two-handed weapons that are generally pretty fast. But with a certain combination, they can turn into a long-range hammer called a sledge in-game. I still think it’s more spear than sword, so it falls into this section.

Black Lizal SpearSpear + Black Lizalfos Horn+26
Blue Boko SpearSpear + Blue Bokoblin Horn+7
Blue Boss Boko HalberdSpear + Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn+16
Captain I – III SpearSpear + Captain Construct III Horn+5 – 25
Cobble-Crusher SpearSpear + Cobble Crusher+9
Dragon SledgeSpear + Shard of Dragon’s Spike+16, elemental damage when swung
Dragon SpearSpear + Dragon Horn+26, elemental damage when swung
Horriblin SpearSpear + Horriblin Claw+4
Iron-Box SledgeSpear + Iron Box+1
Marbled-Rock-Roast SledgeSpear + Rock Roast+2
Sapphire SpearSpear + Sapphire+1, freezing mist when swung
Soaring SpearSpear + Elemental Keese Wing+2, but will have elemental damage when swung
Soldier III SpearSpear + Soldier Construct III Horn+18
Spiky SpearSpear + Spikes+5
Stone HalberdSpear + Rock+1
Traveler’s-Spear SpearSpear + Traveler’s Spear+6

All Boomerang Fusions in Tears of the Kingdom

You might notice that this section is pretty small. That’s because if you add certain materials to it, it treats the boomerang like a one-handed weapon and creates a combination you’ll likely see in the sword section. Here are the recipes that keep the cool throw effect of the boomerang.

Blue Boko Boomerang    Boomerang + Blue Bokoblin Horn+7
Diamond BoomerangBoomerang + Diamond+25
Dragon BoomerangBoomerang + Dragon Horn/Spike+26, elemental damage when swung or thrown
Soaring BoomerangBoomerang + Elemental Keese Wing+2, elemental damage when thrown
Star-Fragment RodBoomerang + Star-Fragment+1, but shoots stars when thrown

All Scepter and Rod Fusions in Tears of the Kingdom

Naturally, gemstones are best when paired with a Magic Rod or Scepter. Materials that don’t add an elemental effect essentially turn the rod or scepter into a club. Which is fine, but kind of a waste, as these weapons are pretty rare. If you have a specific element you want to use, here are your options.

  • Water – Opal
  • Ice – Sapphire
  • Fire – Ruby
  • Electricity – Topaz
Diamond BladeScepter + Diamond+25
Dragon BladeScepter + Dragon Horn+26
Dragon HammerScepter + Dragon Spike+16
Opal RodMagic Rod + Opal+1, summons three bouncing orb of water
Ruby RodMagic Rod + Ruby+1, summons three bouncing orbs of fire when swung
Sapphire RodMagic Rod + Sapphire+1, freezing mist when swung
Soaring ScepterScepter + Elemental Keese Wing+2, elemental damage when swung but it’s essentially a club
Star-Fragment ScepterScepter + Star-Fragment+1, shoots stars when swung
Topaz TodMagic Rod + Topaz+1, summons three floating orbs of electricity when swung

Best Fusion Materials in TotK

Considering you can fuse literally anything to your weapons, you’re probably wondering which ones are actually worth fusing to base weapon. Well, here are the best fusion materials if you’re looking for pure attack power:

  • Silver Lynel Saber Horn.
  • Silver Lynel Mace Horn.
  • Ancient Blade.
  • White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn.
  • White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn.
  • Gibdo Bone.

All of the above fusion materials will give you +40 attack or higher when fused to your weapon. In general, Lynel materials make for the most powerful weapons, but most materials from a black or silver enemy will considerably boost the attack power of your weapon to a respectable degree. Molduga Jaws and Stalnox Horns are not bad options either, although they don’t quite break the +40 attack power threshold.

Of course, you can also add elemental damage to your weapon. It won’t necessarily boost your attack power, but it’s never a bad option for a more versatile artillery, and some enemies can be immediately shattered with the right element. If you want to add an element to your weapon, keep an eye out for various elemental monster parts like Chuchu Jellies, Keese Wings and Eyeballs, and Lizalfos Horns and Tails. Just make sure they’re monsters of the fire, ice, or electric elemental variety.

That’s quite a few weapon fusion recipes, and yet I’m sure I’m still missing some very useful ones. Feel free to shoot them over to me on Twitter if you think there’s something good I should add. But if you want the most comprehensive list of all armor and their locations, I’ve got you covered. Check out this guide here: All Armor and Locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

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