Tears of the Kingdom: 10 Hardest Enemies, Ranked

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There are plenty of enemies to confront in Tears of the Kingdom, ranging from mediocre to fearsomely strong. Check out this list to see a ranking of the hardest enemies waiting for you in Hyrule.

Top 10 Hardest Enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Captain Constructs

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Captain Constructs stand out as the strongest among the standard mechanical enemies. What sets them apart from other constructs is their ability to fuse weapons, which can make battles with them quite challenging. Similar to many other enemies, Captain Constructs come in various levels of difficulty. The least formidable have around 80 hit points, offering a relatively easy fight. In comparison, the strongest Captain Construct has over 1,000 hit points, making it one of the most resilient monsters. Fortunately, these constructs are primarily encountered in the Skies or Shrines, meaning you won’t deal with them very often.


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Moblins are giant monsters that are fairly powerful. They’re typically found around Bokoblins, although a few prefer their own company. Regardless of their surroundings, a Moblin’s height gives it a significant advantage, granting it an extended reach compared to other creatures. Their exceptional strength allows them to easily send Link tumbling, potentially sending him from structures or rolling down hills. Not only that, but their brawn enables them to pick up large objects in their vicinity, like the previously mentioned Bokoblins, and hurl them easily.


Horriblin in Tears of the Kingdom
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Horriblins are cave-dwelling creatures often found hanging from ceilings. They prefer long-range weapons, making it just as challenging to get close to them when they’re on ground level. While not overwhelmingly strong, their surroundings make it hard to get to them before they can cause damage. If you run into Horriblins without an ample supply of arrows, it can be easy to be overrun by them.


Silver Lizalfos in Tears of the Kingdom
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Lizalfos stands out from other creatures in Tears of the Kingdom in several ways. One of their most distinctive traits is their ability to move on land and water. Additionally, they are fast, which can make running away tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of stamina. As if that wasn’t enough, the Lizalfos possess a variety of offensive techniques. They can utilize their tails, spiked horns, and even launch projectiles from their mouths for a ranged attack. Unfortunately, they are a common monster, meaning you will frequently encounter more tough variations of these creatures as the game progresses.

Silver Bokoblins

Silver Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, and Silver Moblin in Tears of the Kingdom
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Bokoblins are another common enemy appearing throughout the Zelda franchise. In its standard form, it’s relatively easy to defeat due to its low hit points and basic weapons. However, the silver form, its toughest version, is a much more formidable opponent. Silver Bokoblins have higher health and often wear armor that must be destroyed before you can harm the actual Bokoblin.

Leveling up in the game means you’ll see more of these difficult versions across Hyrule. As a common monster, it’s, unfortunately, not uncommon to encounter them when you least expect it. While many other monsters tend to congregate in specific areas, like ruins, Bokoblins have no such tendencies. They can be discovered in various environments, including roaming the woods or riding horses across plains.

Yiga Clan

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Once you’re far enough along in the Tears of the Kingdom story, the Yiga clan will randomly appear to attack Link. The basic Yiga member, the footsolider, is relatively weak, with low health but high speed. They often evade attacks, disappearing before striking from an unexpected angle. There are also Yiga Blademasters who are more challenging due to their ability to cause greater damage. While they aren’t as fast as a footsoldier, they can still move swiftly over short distances, making them a noteworthy threat.


Wizzrobe in Tears of The Kingdom
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Wizzrobes are magical monsters known for their control over elemental powers. They typically appear alone, prancing above the ground. These creatures can complicate battles by turning invisible, making them immune to attacks until they reappear.

When preparing to face a Wizzrobe, it’s crucial to have the right equipment on hand. Arrows are the most effective choice, especially when paired with items that exploit the Wizzrobe’s elemental weakness.

Boss Bokoblins

Boss Bokoblin in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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Despite its name, the Boss Bokoblin is not a boss-type enemy but a large version of the regular Bokoblin. These monsters have different strength levels, ranging from standard red to the powerful silver variety. While this variation affects the level of challenge, all Boss Bokoblins are a challenge because of their ability to gather smaller Bokoblins around them, forming a protective shield. Their size also grants them immense strength, enabling them to inflict damage by stomping on Link or launching projectiles, such as boulders, from a distance.

Gloom Spawn

Gloom Hands TOTK
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Gloom Spawn is a newly introduced enemy in Tears of the Kingdom. This eerie monster appears randomly, changing the background music and casting a gloomy hue over the surroundings. It consists of five hands that move swiftly and grab Link, draining his hearts while holding him above the ground.

Each hand has approximately 200 hit points, but evading them on the ground can be tough. The most effective approaches to deal with them are to attack from the air, get to a higher elevation, or run away as quickly as possible.


Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom
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Lynels are undeniably among the most brutal monsters in Tears of the Kingdom. The standard Lynel has an overwhelming 2,000 hit points, far surpassing the resilience of all other non-boss enemies. In addition to their exceptional durability, Lynels are known for their speed and immense power. They can swiftly close the distance between you and deliver devastating blows that can deplete your hit points in a single strike. While there are strategies to make battles with Lynels more manageable, getting out unscathed still requires a considerable amount of skill.

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