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Tchia: How to Destroy Meavora Statues

Destroy the Propaganda of Meavora Throughout New Caledonia

by Ashley Anthony

Destroy the Propaganda of Meavora in New Caledonia

By now, you are well acquainted with Tchia and her goal to rescue her dad. You will also be well acquainted with who it is you need to find and defeat to save your dad, which is Meavora. He is the evil man that finds your dad’s location on your birthday and kidnaps him from you.

Tchia: How to Destroy Meavora Statues

Tchia | Meavora Evil Boss
Meavora the evil boss (Screenshot: Tchia)

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Devastated by the turn of events, the only plan is to go out and search for your dad. While setting out on this important mission, there are little quests you will need to complete in between to receive rewards and level Tchia up. 

One of the quests you must complete is finding and destroying all of the Meavora Statues in New Caledonia. These statues are scattered all over the show and can be pinned on your map if you encounter one.

Tchia | Meavora Evil Boss Statue
Meavora statues (Screenshot: Tchia)

While exploring the islands, you will come across one of the ten Meavora statues scattered across New Caledonia. These statues usually have a green, emerald glow and are on a pedestal or holstered up somewhere. 

 If you want to know how to destroy a Meavora Statue, read below to learn more.

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Tchia | Destroying | Meavora Statues Challenge
Meavora Statue location (Screenshot: Tchia)

How to Destroy Meavora Statues?

To destroy Meavora Statues, you need to have items on hand and know a couple of abilities. 

These are as follows:

  • Items to have – anything flammable or explosive such as an oil lamp, gas canister, or cow poo, and
  • You need to have the power to Soul-Jump and Soul-Throw.

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Tchia | Meavora Statue | Gameplay
How to destroy Meavora statues (Screenshot: Tchia)

Once you have found one of the small statues, you must select one of the explosive items by opening your inventory (hold R1) and picking one from the wheel. You will then have to Soul-Jump into the item (press L1), aim for your Meavora target, and then Soul Throw it (Press R2). 

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After you hit the zone, you will hear a loud explosion go off, and you will see the statue in ruins. There you have it, how to destroy all Meavora Statues in the action and adventure game, Tchia. 

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