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How to Sail in Tchia

Lift the anchor, set the sails, and take the helm

by Ashley Anthony
Tchia | Adventure Action Game

When playing Tchia, the number of surprise punchers was more than expected, and I mean that in a good way. It has been stunningly captivating, to say the least. While on the save your father quest, sailing the seas is one of the activities you’ll do more than others in the game.

Exploring the world of Tchia, there are multiple means of getting around. You can fast-travel, glide in the air for short and long distances, and sail on your raft. Because Tchia’s homeland is New Caledonian, the world is mostly water, hence why you and your man-made raft spend a lot of time together traveling from the ocean to rivers. 

After you get your raft, you’ll discover that it’s a one-man ship that needs somebody to drop the sails, steer the helm, and lower or lift the anchor to get it going or stop it and steady it.

Tchia | boat controls to steer
All controls of Tchia’s boat (Screenshot: Tchia)

With all this in mind, setting sail might sound like a difficult task. However, at first, it will seem like a lot, but with time and practice and practice in the right areas, you’ll become a master skipper. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to sail and where’s the best place to practice in the game. But before reading any further, find out what Tchia’s Metacritic score was following its release and read Tchia Metacritic Score Revealed

Each Station’s Purpose on Tchia’s Raft:

Here, Prima Games explains what the sails, the helm, and the anchor are for. When moving between the sails, helm, and anchor, you must press “square” to interact and deactivate. 

The Sails

The sails are used to control the speed of your boat. Once you interact with the sails by pressing the square button, a transparent arrow will appear, pointing forward or up. The raft will start moving forward if you move the left analog stick up. The longer you hold up, the faster the raft will sail until the transparent arrow is entirely white and the boat is at full speed.

Tchia | sails control the speed
Controlling the speed of the boat (Screenshot: Tchia)

The Helm

The helm is the steering mechanism to turn the boat left and right. Very important to remember: when you hold the left analog stick to the right, the boat will veer right. If you keep the left analog stick to the left, the boat will veer to the left.

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The Anchor

Tchia | pacific ocean | gameplay
Sailing in the Pacific Ocean (Screenshot: Tchia)

The anchor’s role will always be the same. If you want your boat to stand still and not float away while you’re deep sea diving, cast your anchor, and it will hold your boat steady. Additionally, you can launch your anchor while your boat is in full motion and you want to stop suddenly.

The Best Place to Practice Sailing in Tchia

When sailing, you can find yourself going too fast or too slow. Sometimes you’ll find it challenging to navigate the boat in small areas at a rapid pace. These smaller areas are the narrow rivers with sharp turns and bends you must sail through when visiting some locations.

Tchia | Sailing the Rivers |
River sailing in Tchia (Screenshot: Tchia)

So before operating the boat smoothly through these narrow corridors, it’s best to practice sailing in the vast ocean. The ocean is unrestricted, where you can reach top speeds while learning how to operate the controls and move between the mast, the helm, and the anchor with speed.

Once you’ve gained enough experience navigating the Pacific and can move between mechanics quickly, gauge your speed by eye, and captain the helm with your eyes closed, you can take on the narrow corridors like a boss.

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