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Tchia: All Available Platforms Listed

What Do You Need to Play Tchia?

by Ashley Anthony
Tchia | Adventure Action Game

Awaceb and Kepler Interactive’s new game Tchia is here. The action and adventure game based in the Pacific Ocean on the New Caledonia chain of islands will come out on limited platforms, and here we’ll discuss what platforms that’ll be and more.

In the early days leading up to the release of the indie title, there were early plans for Tchia to be released on multiple platforms, which included Xbox and Switch, but that later changed. This change saw the developers put all their focus into features such as the mechanics and narrative of the game over other worries that would take their attention away from delivering a captivating game.

So if you want to learn what platforms Tchia is available on, how much space is required to install it, and what game modes will be available in Tchia, read on… 

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Tchia | Enemy Maano Camp
Tchia and Maano Camp (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Tchia – All Available Platforms

As per Awaceb and Kepler Interactive, Tchia will only be available on limited platforms. However, this could change in the future. More on this further down.

These platforms are:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC

Additional Information on Tchia

PlayStation Plus subscribers with PS Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions will be entitled to Day One Release from launch day. At the same time, PC players can purchase Tchia from Epic Games Store.

Will Tchia Be Added to Other Platforms Later?

Tchia | coconut catapult
Tchia Coconut tree (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Unfortunately, there’s still no news that Tchia will be available on other platforms, such as Xbox and Switch, while the Steam website displays “coming soon”. Numerous rumors suggest it might be available on these platforms later in life, as other PlayStation-exclusive titles have done in the past — but how long Steam, Switch, and Xbox players will have to wait for that day is a mystery in the Tchia adventure on its own. 

How Much Free Space Is Required to Install Tchia?

Since lifting the embargo, there have been plenty of talks surrounding the tropical themed open-world title and how amazing it has been. Of the discussions, one question is how much free space is required to install Tchia. You’ll only need 15GB of free space to download and install Tchia on PlayStation and PC.

Tchia | Sailing the Rivers |
Tchia gameplay (Screenshot by Prima Games)

What Game Modes Will Tchia Have?

Tchia will only be available in One Player offline game mode. Phil Crifo, game director at Awaceb, admitted the game wasn’t easy to create, and their attention was placed elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier, the dev team channeled all their energy and focus into the game’s mechanics, narration, and tools rather than worrying about other features that require more attention and resources.

Find out what Awaceb and Kepler Interactive’s latest indie title’s Metacritic score was here: Tchia Metacritic Score Revealed.

In closing, despite the lack of game modes, Tchia will keep you captivated in the remote location of New Caledonia as the little local explorer Tchia.

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