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Is Tchia Open World? – Answered

Game looks promising, that's for sure!

by Nikola L

On March 21, 2023, Tchia will be released on multiple gaming platforms. It’s an adventure game that got inspired by New Caledonia, the homeland of the developers. You know, that remote place in the Pacific, east of Australia?

The devs have said that you will be able to set sail across the archipelago, customize your boat, and become a coconut (no, this is probably not an homage to Pickle Rick) or play the famous Ukulele. The game name Tchia comes from the name of the heroine you will be playing as.

Will Tchia Be an Open-World Game?

Tchia will have many elements of cultural heritage and customs from New Caledonia. The developers have stated that they have made efforts to implement iconic landmarks and flora and fauna that are endemic to New Caledonia, and they even went as far as to do the dialogue in their native languages which locals voice! That’s a truly inspiring story, of which you can learn more on the PlayStation Blog here, here, and here.

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As you may have presumed, Tchia will indeed be an open-world adventure game. It is developed by Awaceb.

On Which Gaming Platforms Will Tchia be Available?

Tchia will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store on PC, and PlayStation Store on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (and it will also be available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium).

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Will Tchia Be on Xbox Series X and S or Xbox One?

At the time of writing, it is not officially confirmed when and if Tchia will arrive on Xbox.

Feel free to check out the Official Release Date Trailer on YouTube:

Tchia Release Date Trailer (YouTube)

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