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How to Soul-Jump in Tchia – Answered

Possess the rest to pass the test in the world of Tchia

by Ashley Anthony
Tchia | Indie Game by Awaceb

The best feature of the game is Soul-Jumping. This ability gives you the power to take control of the environment around you and allows you to see the world of Tchia through the eyes of the animals in the region. 

As you progress through the game, you will gain more gifts and learn how to nurture them. You’ll need all your gifts and skills to complete certain objectives to gain even more powers and retrieve collectables.

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Soul-Jumping is key to exploring, killing your foe, and becoming one with nature. If you want to learn how to take control of objects to defeat your enemies or take control of your environment to journey around New Caledonia, read this post.

Tchia | Soul Jumping Instructions
Soul-Jump Ability (Screenshot: Tchia)

How to Soul-Jump in Tchia?

Soul-Jump is an ability you receive early in the game. To activate your Soul-Jump, press L1 and wait for the game to go in slow motion. Once in slow-mo, you’ll see a little green meter at the bottom of the screen that displays the time you have left to soul jump. The green meter is called the Soul-Meter.

Tchia | Soul-Jumping Animals in-game
Animal Soul-Jump (Screenshot: Tchia)

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While in slow-mo mode, aim for the animal or object you want to possess and press the R2 trigger. You should instantly take over the object with your Soul-Meter still showing at the bottom. 

Tchia | Soul-Jumping Animals | gameplay
Possessed animal | Soul-Jumping (Screenshot: Tchia)

The Soul-Meter will help you gauge how much time you have left while possessing another animal or object. The more things you do, the quicker the meter runs down. To exit the object or fauna you possessed, just press L1. Soul-Jumping is key to defeating and destroying your enemies, the Maano Fabric Creatures. If you want to find out how to destroy their camps, you can read: Tchia: How to Destroy Maano Camps.

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