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Tchia: How to Destroy Maano Camps

Find Them and Destroy Them All, Burn Maano Burn!

by Ashley Anthony
Tchia | Adventure Action Game

How to save yourself from a fabric burn or fabric cut that could see you pass out in Tchia is the question being asked here today. You’re armed with a catapult, can merge with objects, and soul-throw. What to do when coming up against a Maano campsite?

Much the same way paper covers rock, scissors cut paper, and rock beats scissors in Rock, Paper, Scissors, so do some of the laws of the probability game factor in with the Maano fabric creators and how to defeat them in Tchia.

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Tchia: How to Destroy Maano Camps

In this case, however, when you shoot little stones from your catapult or throw a bigger rock at the Maano, they do not affect the creatures that look like the tube man sky dancers on the side of the road.


Unfortunately, in Tchia, there are no scissors, so cutting them into little pieces is not an option. However, the scissors have been replaced with fire, and fire burns all in Tchia. You’ll learn that fire will be used to destroy most objects in the game.

If you’re ready to learn more about who the Maano fabric creatures are and how to defeat them, you must keep reading. 

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Firstly, Who are the Maano of New Caledonia?

The Maano fabric people are the evil henchmen with small camps set up throughout the islands of New Caledonia. They work under the command of Meavora, who took your father away from you.

Their primary mission and goal are to stop you from saving your father, which is impossible since you have the power to defeat them with ease. You must destroy each camp to clean up the islands and rid them of these fabric men.

Tchia | Maano Creatures | In-game
Tchia’s Maano Fabric Creatures (Screenshot by Prima Games)

How to Destroy Maano Camps?

To destroy a Maano camp, you must know how to use your powers, what objects to control and more. Here Prima Games breaks down the best method for you.

What Abilities & Items Will Tchia Use?

First, you must know how to Soul-Jump and Soul-Throw to take control of objects and be able to throw an object. The objects you must look out for are any flammable substance that can ignite. Around most camps, docks, and places where people (NPCs) are active, there are little oil lamps or lanterns.

Tchia | Collect Oil Lamps in-game
Oil Lamp For Soul-Throw (Screenshot by Prima Games)

You can pick up a lamp by pressing the square button and add it to your inventory by pressing the R1 button. Top hint: Make sure to take more than one lamp, as you’ll need a couple to defeat a camp. First attempts are usually unsuccessful when trying to kill them simultaneously, so it’s best to be well-prepared for your battle with the Maano. 

Once you’ve got your lamps, you feel that your Soul-Jump game is strong, and you can Soul-Throw any object like a major league pitcher; you’re good to go and are now well-stocked to look for the closest Maano campsite to destroy. 

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Side note: If you can’t store an item in your inventory, it means it’s full, and you need to get rid of something you don’t need. To pull up your inventory wheel, you need to hold the R1 button, select the item with the right analog stick and then let go of R1 while holding in the direction of the item.

Tchia | inventory wheel | in-game
Tchia Inventory Wheel (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Find a Maano Camp on Your Map

You’ll be able to find a Maano camp on the map easily. They are marked with a fabric man logo on the map and are usually purple in color when looking at them from a distance. 

Once you’ve found one, you must approach it cautiously and be stealthy in your mission. You don’t want to alert any of your enemies, as these fabric creatures are quick and catch you effortlessly.

Tchia | Maano Fabric Creatures & Camp
Maano Fabric Creature Camp (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Burning the Maano Camp

There’s always more than one Maano minion, typically four, to deal with in most cases. Additionally, a pile of fabric must be set alight before demolishing the camp. Once you’ve burnt the pile, a special treasure awaits you. 

Quite frankly, the fabric pile is what you should aim for when you perform your Soul Throw, as it will create a massive explosion and wipe most of them out — and if you’re lucky — perhaps all of them if they’re close enough.

Tchia | Maano campsite treasure
Maano Camp treasure chest (Screenshot by Prima Games)

When you find your target, remove your oil lamp with R1 as explained earlier. There will be a list of hints at the bottom left of your screen where you can either: drop it (square), throw it (R2), stow it away again (R1), or Soul-Jump into the item (L1). You need to Soul-Jump into the item by pressing L1. 

After pressing L1, another list of hints will appear in the bottom left corner with the options to: unpossess the item (L1), aim (L2), ignite (square), and Soul-Throw (R2). You must press L2 to aim first. Once you’ve locked onto your target, press R2 and the fabric goes BOOM! 

Tchia | Destroy Maano Camp Instructions
Destroy Maano Camps (Screenshot by Prima Games)

If you didn’t kill all of them with one throw, run away quickly before they catch you, stalk your Maano prey again, and repeat the steps to ignite them with something explosive. If you’re good at rapid Soul-Jumping, you be able to Soul-Jump from object to object.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use Soul-Throw, you can always select the item from your inventory, aim with L2, and throw with R2, which is a bit harder to get the distance and aim right. So our recommendation is to perform a Soul-Jump and then a Soul-Throw.

Other Items Used to Destroy Maano Camps:

Various items in the game can be ignited and used on your enemies. 

They are as follows:

  • Gas canisters (very effective and lying around Maano campsites)
  • Cow dung (methene poo bombs, must Soul-Jump to acquire)
  • Campfires close to Maano Camp

There you have it, all the ways you can destroy a Maano campsite. If you’re interested in learning how to sail in Tchia, you can read: How to sail in Tchia.

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