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Tchia: How to Soul-Throw Objects

Have You Got the Soul Power?

by Ashley Anthony
Tchia | Adventure Action Game

To Soul-Throw is an easy skill to learn but make no mistake, it is a significant power to have. When you use it, it can be the difference between getting caught by the Maano fabric men or killing every last one of them.

This post teaches you how to Soul-Throw and in what instances you will need it most. Every situation in Tchia requires you to be creative and use different methods to overcome them. Soul-Throwing helps you gain some good ground in the game and rewards you kindly.

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Tchia | Soul Throw Instructions
How to Soul-Throw (Screenshot: Tchia)

How Do You Obtain Soul-Throw in Tchia?

To obtain the unique and vital skill of Soul-Throwing, you need to progress a little in the game. When you learn how to Soul-Throw, you will learn how to Soul-Jump simultaneously, as the pair of powers work hand-in-hand.

How to Perform a Soul-Throw?

After you have developed two of the most important skills Tchia must learn in the game, you can possess any and all around you — besides other humans or NPCs. To perform a Soul Throw, remove an item from your inventory by pressing R1 or grab an object by pressing square.

Tchia | Soul Throwing after Soul Jumping
Soul-Throwing Objects (Screenshot: Tchia)

Once you have selected your item, it should be on top of your head in your hands. There will be a list of buttons and what they do at the bottom left of the screen. One of the options listed will be to Soul-Jump into the object by pressing L1. 

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Tchia | Soul Jump Hints | Objects
Soul-Jumping Hints (Screenshot: Tchia)

After you press the L1 button and take control of the item, your Soul-Meter will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Look to the bottom left of the screen again, as there will be more hints on what button to press next, and you will notice that you need to aim with L2, and the option to Soul-Throw with the R2 trigger will appear.

Aim and Soul Throw away. It should be a piece of cake but be careful not to throw your soul away. The more you take control of items or animals, the more you will need to regain your energy by eating something. Top hint: Always keep a spare plate or two of food in your inventory.  

Tchia | Soul-Throw | Gas Canister
Aim to Soul-Throw accurately (Screenshot: Tchia)

Soul-Throws will be your greatest asset against the Maano Fabric Creatures. Find out how to defeat them here: Tchia: How to Destroy Maano Camps

Below are some of the best places to use the Soul-Throw and gain ground in the game.

Where Best to Use Soul-Throw in Tchia

  • When you need to take down an entire camp of Maano bad guys,
  • When you need to destroy Meavora Statues, and
  • When moving objects around in the game.

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