Starfield Valo System Location: How to Get to the Valo System in Starfield

You better Hope they have what you need.

Starfield HopeTech
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If you plan on visiting every major locale in Starfield, then you will have many places to visit. One quick look at the system map shows there are around 100 systems, and each may hold anywhere from 1-10 places to discover. It’s a massive chore, though keeping to places with major settlements can make things a touch easier. One such system is home to HopeTown which plays a small role in certain storylines and offers some unique stuff for shipbuilding enthusiasts. Here’s how to get to the Valo system in Starfield.

Where is the Valo System in Starfield?

Starfield Valo System
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The Valo system can be found to the northeast of the Alpha Centauri system and east of the Sol system. The reason you might not see it is because it’s tucked in behind the Narion system. To reach it, you’ll have to click on Narion and then select Valo from the drop-down menu.

The Valo system is home to the following planets and moons:

  • Cantra
  • Hillex
  • Lumos
    • Golga
    • Kindi
    • Shorun
    • Virum
  • Polvo
    • Miatha
    • Navacci
  • Prax

Where is Hopetown in Starfield?

Starfield Hopetown Ship Services Technician
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HopeTown can be found on the planet of Polvo in the Valo system. You may have to be scanned by the Freestar Collective before landing there, so don’t have contraband on you. In HopeTown, you can find two major places worth checking: The Pit Stop and the Ship Services Technician.

The Pit Stop is a small bar immediately in front of the Spaceport, which houses a mission board and Bounty Clearance kiosk. Otherwise, the Ship Services Technician can give you new ship purchasing options and some parts to modify your ship’s layout. Unlike many other Technicians, however, this one provides you with the unique HopeTech parts such as the Companionway Fuselages and their Engineering Bay.

Where Else Has Technicians With Unique Ship Parts?

Starfield Ship Services Technician
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HopeTown isn’t the only location with a unique Ship Services Technician. Several other Technicians have parts specific to the location they’re working for. A few examples of these include Veronica Young in the Ryujin tower on Neon, the Technician in New Homestead (Titan, Sol system), and Nikau on the Deimos Staryard in the Sol system.

If you’re looking for other unique Technicians, check out our guide on all Ship Services Technicians in Starfield.

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