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how to change FOV in starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Get to The Den in the Wolf System in Starfield

It's howling for your attention (and ill-gotten goods).

If you’re roleplaying a space pirate in Starfield, you’re bound to find a ton of contraband you don’t know what to do with. Thankfully, there’s a great location where you can sell your ill-gotten loot for sweet gains—here’s how to find The Den in the Wolf system of Starfield.

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Where to Find the Wolf System and The Den in Starfield

Starfield Wolf System
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Wolf system is nestled between a handful of star systems. Surrounding it are the Sol, Alpha Centauri, Narion, Valo, and Barnard’s Star systems. Clicking on the Wolf system, which recommends you be level 5 to access, will let you get a full view of both planets and the single moon, all surrounded by a red star.

The Wolf system itself doesn’t have much going for it. The planet of Etherea is a gas giant, its moon is uninhabitable, and the planet of Chthonia isn’t much better. However, The Den is a gem among some rough locations. It can be found orbiting the planet of Chthonia and is free to access at any level.

In summary, you should do the following to enter The Den:

  • Open the System Map.
  • Locate the Wolf system, nestled in between the Alpha Centauri and Narion systems.
  • Enter the orbit of Chthonia and dock with The Den.

What is The Den in Starfield?

Starfield Wolf System the Den
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Den is a UC Vanguard-controlled station that doesn’t have too much going for it. It’s operating in a primarily empty system, so, naturally, it’s pretty unexciting within. However, there are two noteworthy places you can visit. The first is one of the many Ship Services Technicians who can work on repairing your ship. The other is a Trade Authority NPC, who is willing to buy anything. That includes contraband goods. Given that you aren’t scanned before or after entering The Den, this Trade Authority location is a prime spot for selling contraband.

Other Contraband Trading Spots in Starfield

Starfield The Key Space Station
Image via Prima Games.

If you don’t fancy flying all the way to The Den to sell your contraband, then there’s a handful of other locations you can check out that’ll take your illegal items. The best place by far is The Key, located in the Kryx system. To access it without the Crimson Fleet blowing your ship to kingdom come, you’ll want to progress through the UC Vanguard mission line until you reach the mission Deep Cover. Complete that and finish the following mission, Rook Meets King, to travel there safely. During said mission, you’ll be brought to several stores that are willing to buy your contraband whenever you’d like.

It’s worth noting that if you continue down the Crimson Fleet mission line, you’ll eventually come to a choice that no longer allows you to access its services. If you don’t want the chance to lose access to the Key, don’t finish the mission Eye of the Storm, found at the end of the mission line.

Other Planets in Starfield’s Wolf System

If you’re looking for every planet that’s in Starfield’s Wolf System, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over all two of the planets in this system, along with a short summary on their characteristics.

Starfield: Planet Chthonia

The planet Chthonia is in the Wolf system and is what The Den orbits. It has no moons, is barren, and has inferno temperature levels. There’s no atmosphere, fauna, nor water. The following resources can be found on the planet: Helium-3, Aluminum, and Beryllium.

Starfield: Planet Etherea

The next and last planet on this list is Planet Etherea. It is a gas giant with its own moon, Pontem. It has inferno temperatures, Hydrogen atmosphere, no water, flora, nor fauna. It is also the star systems largest planet. Unfortunately, you cannot land on it.

If you’re on the hunt for some more secret things in the galaxy, check out our guide on how to solve the Mantis quest puzzle in Starfield.

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