Starfield: Terror Brew Quest Walkthrough

You're on the hunt, the hunt for coffee!

Starfield Terror Brew Predator
Screenshot by Prima Games

If your goal is to explore the galaxy and hunt down beats in search of the perfect cup of coffee, well, we have a quest for you to explore. Here is how to complete Terror Brew in Starfield.

How to Start Terror Brew in Starfield

Starfield Markieff Sutherland
Screenshot by Prima Games

To start Terror Brew, visit the Dawn’s Roost in the Residential District of New Atlantis. In the back, just past the bar area, you will find a sit-down restaurant of the fanciest standards. Here, Markieff Sutherland sits, disgusted by the quality of the coffee, in search of someone to help him.

He heard about the best coffee in the Settled Systems, a bean sifted from the remains of alien poop. So, he paid someone to feed coffee beans to hostile aliens, and now that person has gone missing. You must track down the predator and secure his coffee beans.

How to Complete Terror Brew in Starfield

To complete Terror Brew, you must agree to help Markieff track down this predator with his prized coffee beans, hunt it down, and loot the beans from its warm corpse. In the meantime, you may discover what happened to his last contractor.

Terror Brew Quest Objectives
Speak to Markieff Sutherland
Hunt the Predator
Retrieve the Coffee Beans
Return the Coffee Beans

It’s important to note that where you track down this predator is completely random. The planet and POI won’t look the same as the one I have screenshots of here, as that was my unique POI. The creature itself may change, too.

No matter the destination or type of beast, track them down and take them down with extreme prejudice.

Starfield Predator Hunting Grounds
Screenshot by Prima Games

If your hunt is anything like mine, the moment the predator spotted me, it charged. Thanks to the power of the ever-useful boost pack, I managed to get out of the way in time and light it up from the air. Overall, it was an easy fight.

Starfield Terror Brew Predator Kill
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once the beast is down, loot its body. Inside, you will find a rare resource, a slate from the previous contractor with additional quest information, and the coffee beans.

On the slate, it’s revealed that your predecessor wanted to sell the coffee beans to a competitor for a much higher paycheck. You now have that option. It’s up to you whether you keep your word or sell for an extra 1,000 Credits, though.

Terror Brew Quest Rewards

Upon completing Terror Brew, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 150 XP
  • 2000/3000 Credits

You will receive 2000 Credits if you return the coffee beans to Sutherland, but 3000 Credits if you sell the beans to his competitor. Up to you, of course.

Once you’re finished with this hunting mission, why not tackle Gem Jealousy next?

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