Starfield: Suspicious Activities Quest Walkthrough

Some suspicious activity is worth investigating in The Well.

Starfield Theresa Mason
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Much is going on in The Well, with much hardship for those living beneath the brightest city in the Settled Systems. Here is how to complete Suspicious Activities in Starfield to help brighten the place.

How to Start Suspicious Activities in Starfield

It’s a bit confusing to begin Suspicious Activities. I knew the quest giver but couldn’t figure out how to get the quest to pop. As it turns out, you must complete Primary Sources for SSNN before Theresa Mason at Kay’s House in The Well will discuss the suspicious people she’s noticed lately.

So, head up to the Commercial District, speak with the woman behind the desk at SSNN to acquire Primary Sources, and then you can work on this quest.

How to Complete Suspicious Activities in Starfield

To complete Suspicious Activities in Starfield, you must help Theresa Mason investigate the shady characters who appear to be casing UC Surplus next door. It’s time to act once you have evidence of their intended crimes.

Suspicious Activities Quest Objectives
Speak to Theresa Mason
Find the Suspicious People Outside the UC Surplus
Eavesdrop on the Conversation
Report Back to Theresa About the Planned Robbery
Report the Planned Robbery to Officer Endler
Report Back to Theresa

After working on Primary Sources, in which you will interview Theresa Mason about Kay’s House and how business is lately, she’ll explain that she has some concerns that trouble her. Those concerns include a pair of men who continuously stop by to watch UC Surplus, and she’s positive she heard them mention “robbery.”

She asks that you—quietly and discreetly—investigate the two men.

You will find them both around the corner from UC Surplus, speaking in hushed tones about their potential mark. You can catch the entire conversation if you remain close by, like near the information booth by the staircase. Once you have enough evidence, return to Theresa. She’ll ask you to then report their intended crime to Officer Endler.

Starfield Suspicious Activities Robbery Suspects
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Despite the pair never having committed a crime, Officer Endler takes the task seriously. He vows to patrol the area more frequently, and after a time, you’ll spot him around UC Surplus personally patrolling to keep the pair and other potential criminals at bay.

Starfield Officer Endler in The Well
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With Officer Endler on the job, Theresa can rest easy and focus on the business instead. She’ll reward you for the detective work you’ve completed, of course.

Suspicious Activities Quest Rewards

Once you finish Suspicious Activities, which shouldn’t take you too long, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It’s fun to play the detective occasionally, but this short quest could have been expanded in many ways. What if the duo decided to go through with the heist anyway, but you have to catch them in the act, leading to a shootout in The Well?

If you do want a shootout, we recommend tackling Due in Full!

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