Starfield: Due in Full Quest Walkthrough

A debt collector's dog.

Starfield Landry Hollifield at GalBank, New Atlantis
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If you’ve ever wanted to be on the opposite end of a bank collection, call, but with space weapons, you will find this quest exciting. Here is how to complete Due in Full in Starfield.

How to Start Due in Full

You can start Due in Full by walking into the local GalBank in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. Behind the first desk, you will find Landry Hollifield, the man who collects debt. He’ll talk with you a bit about being the captain of a ship, then request your help tracking down a few delinquent debtors across the Settled Systems. It’s good money for dirty work.

How to Complete Due in Full in Starfield

To complete Due in Full, you must work with Landry Hollifield of GalBank to track down four separate accounts that have fallen behind on their payments for outstanding loans. Each of these is unique, with some outright asking you to blow up their starship, zero questions, and others asking you to use your persuasion skills to retrieve the money in full. How you proceed for most is entirely up to you, though.

Due in Full Quest Objectives
Speak to Landry Hollifield
Collect Dieter Maliki’s Debt
Kill the Delinquent Spacer Ship
Collect the Delinquent CEO’s Debt
Collect the Delinquent Mercenary’s Debt
Report Back to Landry

You have four critical targets for Due in Full: Dieter Maliki, a delinquent spacer ship, a delinquent CEO who has disappeared, and a delinquent mercenary who was the model loan client but has since gone missing with a buttload of money still owed.

Starfield Dieter Maliki
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Your first target is Dieter Maliki. He’s a former soldier who took out a sizable loan from GalBank but couldn’t pay, so he went rogue and has gone missing since. However, this is GalBank we’re talking about, and they can find anyone. They found Dieter.

He will spawn on a random planet, usually in a small POI, like a campsite or research base, and is the only person in the immediate area.

This is one of the most effortless collections you’ll face, as the first one in the quest to get your bearings. He will easily succumb to a persuasion check, so give that a go before you start blasting.

Starfield Delinquent Spacer Ship
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Your second target isn’t so much about recovering the loan payments but about sending a message from GalBank to Spacers in general. You’re tasked with tracking down and taking out a delinquent Spacer ship. It’s usually surrounded by two or three other lower-level ships, so prep for a space fight.

Furthermore, this is another random spawn. Yours will likely spawn relatively close to Alpha Centauri, within one jump of your Grav Drive, so fret not. Overall, the combat isn’t tricky. He was around level 10, give or take, and the support ships were even lower.

Here is where Due in Full starts to become challenging. The delinquent CEO mysteriously went missing, with some thinking she was kidnapped, but GalBank would like you to investigate and retrieve their money.

As it turns out, she went rogue. You will be sent to a random POI on a random planet, but it’s always loaded with enemies. The first time I did this quest, I found Ecliptic. The second time, I fought Crimson Fleet. They usually have robotic dogs, too. Those are such a pain to deal with.

Once you track down the CEO, however, she doesn’t submit. I couldn’t talk her down or persuade her to hand over the cash. Instead, I was forced to fire and recover the 700+ credits from her lifeless body.

And lastly, we have the delinquent mercenary. Landry asks you to go easy on this one, as he’s always paid on time and is an exceptional client otherwise. But this last time, he went missing.

As with Dieter, GalBank could track him down to a remote POI. He’s not thrilled that you found him so quickly, and he does not intend to repay the money. That’s mainly because he has no money to give.

You have a choice here. You can kill him, you can pay his debt for him (10,000 credits), or you can return to Landry and tell him the mercenary wasn’t at the last-known location, that it was a dead end.

At this point in my playthrough, I was swimming in credits with over 400,000, so I happily paid the 10,000 and called it a day. You might not want to waste your credits. But let it be known, if you do pay, he’ll hand over his Solace. Unfortunately, it’s just a standard pistol, not a fancy, unique weapon.

Due in Full Quest Rewards

For finishing Due in Full, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 50 XP (x4)
  • Credits (Leveled) (x4)
  • Solace

As this job is a four-part series, you will receive rewards four separate times upon completing each step. It’s still the same quest, though.

If you’re sick and tired of working for a powerful bank, a clinic in Neon could use your help in retrieving medical aid for its clients. Relief Run is a short and satisfying cleanser quest.

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