Starfield: Relief Run Quest Walkthrough

A chance to do some good in Neon.

Starfield Joseph Manning at Reliant Neon
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It’s occasionally nice to take a break from the run-and-gun lifestyle and help those in need, especially in the dingy streets of Neon. Here is how to complete Relief Run in Starfield.

How to Start Relief Run in Starfield

While exploring Neon Core, though it does work in Ebbside or Underbelly, you will hear rumors of Doctor Joseph Manning at the local Reliant Medical requiring help. If you stop by and visit him, he’ll first try to check you over for any injuries or medical conditions. Once he’s done with that dialogue, however, you can offer to help him secure additional medical supplies to keep the clinic running smoothly.

How to Complete Relief Run in Starfield

To complete Relief Run in Starfield, you must help Doctor Joseph Manning track down additional supplies from his friend, Abbie Edding, at The Clinic in the Narion Star System.

Relief Run Quest Objectives
Speak to Doctor Joseph Manning
Speak with Abbie Edding
Return to Joseph

Overall, this quest is quite straightforward. After you’re done speaking with Doctor Manning, you’ll jump in your spaceship and leave Neon (one of the first side quests in the city to ask this of you) and visit The Clinic in the Narion Star System. It’s a short jump.

Starfield Abbie Edding at The Clinic
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Once you speak with Abbie, you have a chance to persuade her for additional supplies. Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t think you can pass the skill check. If you do, I believe Dr. Manning will provide you with a few additional credits for going above and beyond.

Relief Run Quest Rewards

Once you do complete Relief Run, however, you will receive the following:

  • 110 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Again, this is another short side quest in Neon. It’s a fantastic way to jump up to the next level if you’re close.

If you’re sick and tired of doing good, however, we do recommend working with Yannick Legrande on his questline, like Fishy Business.

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