Starfield: Fishy Business Quest Walkthrough

It smells more like fish in here!

Starfield Yannick Legrande
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I can’t believe I have to say this, but this is one quest in Starfield that was a total missed opportunity. Here is how to complete Fishy Business in Starfield!

How to Start Fishy Business

You will start Fishy Business almost immediately after finishing Loose Ends, which sees you dealing with the fallout from Neshar’s arrest by Neon Security. Once that’s done, speak to Yannick once more to start up the Aurora business once again, but you’re the cook this time, Mr. White.

How to Complete Fishy Business in Starfield

To complete Fishy Business in Starfield, you must work with Yannick to reopen the pipeline supplying Aurora to his business, Legrande’s Liquor, by working at Xenofresh to craft Aurora and meet with Neshar’s previous supplier.

Fishy Business Quest Objectives
Speak to Yannick Legrande
Research Performance Enhancement 1
Speak to Amanda Oxendine
Report to Valentina Gurov
Put on the Clean Suit
Follow Valentina Gurov
Speak to Valentina Gurov
Get Ingredients from the Ingredient Hopper
Craft Aurora in the Pharmaceutical Lab
Deposit Aurora at the Assembly Hopper
Manufacture First Dose of Aurora
Manufacture Second Dose of Aurora
Manufacture Third Dose of Aurora
Find Neshar’s Contact in the Break Room
Return to Yannick Legrande
Speak to Yannick’s Intruder

As you can see from the lengthy list of quest objectives, this appears to be a long and complex side quest in Neon, right? It’s not, though. Many of these steps require visiting one or two locations and crafting Aurora at a Pharmaceutical Lab in the Xenofresh Factory. It’s not challenging.

Starfield Amanda Oxendine at Xenofresh Corporate HQ
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But first, you need to land the job, which means applying with Amanda Oxendine at Xenofresh Corporate HQ in the Trade Tower. Here, your answers do not matter, so have some fun with it. I’m a doctor with zero weaknesses, so I’m the ideal candidate for a chemist job.

Starfield Valentina Gurov
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Once you land the job, you will head to Underbelly to speak with Valentina Gurov. Like so many characters in Neon, she’s abrasive. But she wants you to work there, and you’ll receive the Clean Suit and a paying gig for now. It’s not much, but you’ll learn to craft Aurora here, which is enough to start your own drug-running empire in Starfield.

Starfield Xenofresh Lab
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Your task for Xenofresh involves crafting four vials of Aurora, with the first being a test run and the following three being part of the job. You aim to use only the necessary resources to craft Aurora, not a smidge over, to earn the highest payout. For that, you need:

  • Stimulant
  • Benzene
  • Hallucinogen
  • Chasmbass Oil

Take what you need, craft Aurora at the nearby Pharmaceutical Lab, then deposit the product in the Hopper at the far end of the lab. It’s simple!

Once you craft the necessary allotment, your shift is over, and you can visit the breakroom next door to meet Neshar’s Contact. When I went, there were two individuals. A man in a Clean Suit and a young woman who is clearly an important character. That’s your contact.

She’s upset about Neshar getting pinched and worried about her own skin but is “too deep” into this job to stop now. As such, she’ll continue slipping you Aurora in unmarked packages scattered about Neon. But that’s part of the next quest in the series, Supply Line.

Starfield Neshar's Contact at Xenofresh
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With your supply line reactivated and a fresh batch of Aurora for Yannick, it’s time to return. Unfortunately, Yannick isn’t alone in the shop when you arrive. The big bad of Neon, Benjamin Bayu, who controls the supply and distribution of Aurora throughout the city, along with most of its businesses, stops by to say ‘hello.’

It’s not a friendly meeting, so don’t get your hopes up. Bethesda definitely dropped the ball here, as we can’t build a relationship with this kingpin or take on his empire. We can only submit to his will and hope for scraps. Boo.

Starfield Benjamin Bayu
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In any case, your dialogue choices don’t appear to matter here. I reloaded a save and chose different options each time, but I always wound up with him bullying Yannick and demanding a cut of the profits from Blend and Aurora.

Once the conversation is done, speak to Yannick. He’s relieved that Bayu isn’t shutting the operation down, or worse, dumping you both in the ocean, but upset about losing out on some of his profits.

This will kickstart the final quest in his line, Supply Line, in which you cook more at Xenofresh and pick up packages from the contact.

Fishy Business Quest Rewards

Once you complete Fishy Business, you will earn the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

While I fully expected to receive the recipe for Aurora here, you don’t get that until the next quest. Still, the credits are nice, right?

If you want a quest lien with a bit more action, we recommend starting Missed Connections in Gagarin Landing!

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