Starfield: Rough Landings Quest Walkthrough

A rough landing leads to new business.

Starfield Marko Jansen
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There’s only one side quest that comes to mind in Akila City that actually has you leave the city and explore a little bit, and that is Rough Landings. Here is how to rip and roar into space, fight a few pirates, and complete Rough Landings in Starfield.

How to Start Rough Landings

To start Rough Landings, you must speak with Marko Jansen, a downtrodden family man in Akila City who hangs around in The Stretch, about how you can help his family come up from the dirt.

Marko is just down the street from Amira Wolf of Charity of the Wolf at the Low House. He’s usually slumped against a wall, just beside the stairs to his family home, and looks like he could use a kind word or two.

How to Complete Rough Landings in Starfield

Starfield The Dalliance Ship
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To complete Rough Landings in Starfield, you must help Jansen track down his wife’s cousin, Milena Alexrod, who can provide work for the man and his family to help lift them from poverty in Akila City.

Unfortunately, Milena works for the United Colonies, captaining The Dalliance, and she’s not allowed back in Akila City after a few mishaps with the local law.

Rough Landings Quest Objectives
Speak to Marko Jansen
Meet With Milena Alexrod
Board the Dalliance and Speak with Milena
Get Milena Access to Akila City
Report Back to Marko Jansen

Thankfully, Milena and The Dalliance are within the Cheyenne Star System, the same system where you’ll find Akila City, so tracking her down isn’t tough. She is messing about with pirates, however.

I had an odd occurrence upon finding The Dalliance. Crimson Fleet surrounds Milena, but on this character, I had just recently started their quest line. As such, the two remained at a standstill, with no one engaging in combat. Their ships floated in space. I was forced to attack the Crimson Fleet, which resulted in a bounty with them.

In any case, there were only three Crimson Fleet pirates, and they were relatively low-level (~10). It took a minute or two to beat them back, then board and speak with Milena Alexrod.

Starfield Milena Alexrod
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Once you’ve dealt with the three pirate ships, board The Dalliance and speak with Milena. She’s pretty forthright, knowing full well that Marko requires help but is too prideful to ask for any. But because you’re there on behalf of her cousin’s family, she’ll help. You only need to find a way to lift her ban in Akila City.

For that, you can speak to either Mayor Cartwright, who resides at his manor during the day, overlooking the main stretch and gate, or you must track down Tom Starret, a contractor who works with the Trade Authority. Either option works, though I persuaded the Mayor. It felt more approachable after completing his side quest, Last Will and Testament, and he does run the entire city, after all.

However, if you cannot persuade Mayor Cartwright, he does require you to pay her fine, which is 5,000 credits. If you opt for Tom Starret, he only needs 1,000 credits to complete the job. It’s up to you which path you take!

Once you’re done, return to Marko. He’s ecstatic to hear about the job prospect, though you can warn him about Milena’s past smuggling operations. He doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Rough Landing Quest Rewards

For completing Rough Landings, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

While it’s fun to blast off into space to fight a few pirates, if you want a genuinely easy payday in Akila City, we recommend tackling The Great Laredo Caper.

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