Starfield: Reliable Care Quest Walkthrough

A doctor in over her head, a traveler who can help.

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A chance to do some good in a dingy underground world like The Well can go a long way if you don’t mind lackluster rewards. Here is how to complete Reliable Care in Starfield.

How to Start Reliable Care in Starfield

To start Reliable Care, you must first work on Primary Sources for SSNN. Once you start on the interviews in The Well, you will speak with Nurse O’Shea about the Medbay, after which she’ll tell you all about the sick children. You may then return to her to offer your help.

How to Complete Reliable Care in Starfield

To complete Reliable Care in Starfield, you will help Nurse O’Shea track down Dr. Lebedev’s notes to assist in diagnosing a group of sick children presenting symptoms she can’t quite pinpoint. It’s a fetch quest, honestly.

Reliable Care Quest Objectives
Speak to Nurse O’Shea
Visit Dr. Lebedev at Reliant Medical
Give the Research Notes to Nurse O’Shea

After you return to Nurse O’Shea following the interview for SSNN, she’ll explain in greater detail how she’s finding it difficult to diagnose the children. They have flu-like symptoms and an illness from down in The Well, but she can’t quite nail down the cause.

Her fellow practitioner upstairs, Dr. Lebedev, however, has much experience treating children and likes to keep notes on all of his cases.

Starfield Doctor Lebedev
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You’ll head up to Reliant Medical in the MAST District to speak with Dr. Lebedev. He’s a true professional and practitioner, so he’ll hand over all of his notes without question.

Just return to Nurse O’Shea for her gratitude and your reward.

Reliable Care Quest Rewards

For finishing Reliable Care, you shall receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

In past Bethesda titles, we would handle the diagnosis with a high enough medical skill. In Starfield, you pick up an invisible item and return it to the quest giver.

For a bit more action and involvement, we recommend Groundpounder.

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