Starfield: Late Bloomer Quest Walkthrough

A tree and its twig.

Starfield Kelton Frush at the Tree in New Atlantis
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If you’ve followed along with the story of Kelton Frush and his mysterious tree in the center of New Atlantis, you’re likely excited to come to the thrilling conclusion. Here is how to complete Late Bloomer in Starfield.

How to Start Late Bloomer

To start Late Bloomer, like the previous entries in this questline, you must wait for Kelton Frush to finish sifting through the data from the last quest. Once he’s done, which usually takes approximately 24 in-game hours, you can speak with him to start Late Bloomer.

How to Complete Late Bloomer in Starfield

To complete Late Bloomer, you will once more help Kelton Frush discover the mystery of the moaning tree by tracking down a branch from the same species and then transmitting the audio of another tree over the loudspeakers to soothe our troubled wooden friend. What an absolute wild ride.

Late Bloomer Quest Objectives
Speak to Kelton Frush
Speak to Leah Casler
Convince Leah to Hand Over the Branch
Deliver the Branch to Kelton Frush
Wait for Kelton
Speak to Kelton
Upload Audio to an SSNN Terminal
Run a Diagnostic
Return to the Tree
Speak to Kelton Frush

After Kelton Frush sifts through the data you acquired previously, he’ll determine that the tree is speaking in a tone that humans, of course, cannot decipher. Unfortunately, he believes this is the last tree of its kind on the planet, but the remnants of one can be found at the museum in Akila City.

He requests you to visit Leah Casler, the museum’s owner, and persuade her to hand over the dead branch. It’s a tough persuasion check. I had to reload a save, even with maxed-out Persuasion, to get her to hand over the branch. I recommend you bring and pop a Hippolyta.

If you have a high enough Security skill, you could steal the branch, too.

Once you have the branch, return to Kelton. He will once more decipher the results of his research, discovering that the tree is communicating. At least, it’s attempting to. He wants you to hack into the local SSNN Terminal to broadcast the same frequency and tone of the tree.

Starfield SSNN Terminal
Screenshot by Prima Games

It’s easy. You don’t even need to use a Digipick. Just walk into the lobby of the SSNN Building, head to the back of the room, access the terminal to upload the data, and then run a diagnostic.

With that done, return to Kelton. He’s giddy with excitement and praising your efforts for helping the scientific community.

Late Bloomer Quest Rewards

For finishing Late Bloomer, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It’s satisfying being done with the talking tree quest, right?

If you’re done with science work, why not try some shooty-shoot work with Groundpounder?

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