Starfield: Can You Defeat The Hunter In A High Price To Pay?

Should The Hunter become The Hunted?

The main questline in Starfield takes many unexpected twists and turns, but nothing can truly prepare you for the first time you encounter The Hunter. This terrifying entity will stop at nothing to get his hands on the artifacts that you have been so carefully collecting throughout your journey, and the first encounter you have with him can be terrifying. Should you try and bring them down a few pegs by battling them head-on, or should you make a mad dash toward your ship?

Should You Fight The Hunter During A High Price To Pay In Starfield? – Answered

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Honestly, it’s not worth your bullets or your medpacks to try and take the Hunter on. I tried this myself and found that their health will only go down to a certain percentage before completely stopping, basically rendering your attacks worthless. You’re meant to run for your ship in a mad dash against time and superior firepower, and your bullets are not worth it.

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There is currently no known way to kill the Hunter at this point in the story, so save your time and energy and focus on just hightailing it out of there to your preferred ship and escaping (hopefully) as unscathed as possible. As the mission states, there is a high price to pay overall, so make sure you’re making the correct choices before embarking on this one.

If you’re anything like me, your first instinct is to start blasting away at anything that gets in your sights. But here, I promise it’s better to save your bullets for a fight that you can actually win. Like the fight for Sarah Morgan’s heart, it’s one that you can easily triumph over if you follow our guide and the others that you can find in our Starfield section below. Be sure to jump in before embarking on this epic journey across the Galaxy.

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