How to Customize Ship Interior in Starfield

Cultivate a vibe.

Starfield is filled with customization. From your character to outposts to your ship, you can make almost anything in the way you see fit. While you can change a lot about the outside of your ship, what about the interior? Here’s how to customize the interior in Starfield.

How to Change the Inside of Your Ship in Starfield

So you can’t manually change everything about the inside of your ship in Starfield. You must pick from the different Habitats or ‘Habs’ when building your ship to change it. Each of the different ship part manufacturers will bring a different vibe to the inside of the ship. However, you can’t move stuff inside; it’s all predetermined by the type of ‘Hab’ you have. You can do this by talking to the Ship Technician at any major city or Spaceport.

So, play around with the different aesthetics. Choosing between Taiyo, Stroud, HopeTech, and some others can change the vibe slightly, but nothing drastic. Below, we’ve included some images of the different habitats for your preference.

I’ve found the Taiyo 2×1 Companion Way to be the most enthralling. It gives the ship an “I just moved into my first apartment” vibe. The feeling of only having two pieces of furniture and a dartboard was like I just moved out of my college dorm.

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Of course, experiment around with what works best for you and the type of living quarters you want to cultivate. Starfield has so many different ship parts that it’s easy to find what works.

So, while you can manually change every little detail of your ship, you’ll definitely find something you like. And if you don’t, you can always steal a bunch of sandwiches and drop them in your ship. Like I said, cultivate the vibe you want.

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