Starfield: An Invitation Quest Walkthrough

One with the flock.

Starfield Marcus Lestari
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Like any religious man, Marcus Lestari wants to increase the flock by enticing those who casually visited a chance to become one with the group. Here is how to complete An Invitation in Starfield.

How to Start An Invitation in Starfield

To start An Invitation, find and speak with Marcus Lestari. He’s located directly in front of the Sanctum Universum in the MAST District in New Atlantis. If he’s not with the group, check the nearby benches. He often enjoys sitting down and contemplating the universe.

How to Complete An Invitation in Starfield

To complete An Invitation, you must help Marcus track down and check in with three key individuals who recently visited the Sanctum Universum. He’s worried that, by not returning, these three could have floated beyond the church. He wants to offer them a chance to come back to the fold.

An Invitation Quest Objectives
Speak to Marcus Lestari
Check In with Evie Martinez
Check In with Johann Baptiste
Check In with Tony Cowl
Return to Marcus

After you speak with Marcus, he will hand over three invitations; one for each guest who previously joined the group at the Sanctum Universum. The invitation is simple. It asks if they would like to return to the fold and discuss the religion in a more comfortable setting, perhaps providing support to those in need, like Evie.

You must track down all three individuals:

  • Evie Martinez
  • Johann Baptiste
  • Tony Cowl

You can find them in the MAST District and Starport, with both Evie and Johann just down the path from Marcus and Tony wandering the Starport outside of Jemison Mercantile.

An Invitation Quest Rewards

For finishing this short side quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Overall, a simple quest with an adequate payout for the required amount of work. Easy enough!

But if you want something with more action, a quick jump from New Atlantis, you should tackle Groundpounder.

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