Starfield: Akila City Doctor Location

Track down the doctor and be on your way sooner!

Starfield The Rock in Akila City
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You’ve just stumbled off your latest bounty-hunting contract; you’re injured and hurting something fierce, but you land in Akila City. Where’s help when you need it most? Here is where to find the local doctor in Akila City and patch up your injuries quickly.

Where is the Doctor in Akila City?

Upon landing your ship in the spaceport, exit and walk through the main entrance. If you’ve never been to Akila City, expect the guard to stop you and alert you to the ongoing bank robbery in the town center. You can help; otherwise, move along.

Directly ahead of the main entrance, you’ll note The Rock—a towering fortress made of stone and metal that houses the Freestar Rangers. It’s here that you’ll find the local doctor and clinic.

Step inside and take an immediate left. You’ll spot “The Infirmary” sign above the hallway leading to Mary Cartwright’s office. She’ll fix you up properly!

What the Doctor Sells in Starfield

Alongside offering a bit of help, as in healing and curing your ailments, she’ll also sell you a selection of medical aid items. These include:

  • Addichrone
  • Antibiotics
  • Heal Paste
  • Heart+
  • Immobilizer
  • Injector
  • Junk Flush
  • Med Pack
  • Penicillin X

Of course, the price of such consumables varies depending on your skills. For instance, if you invest in Commerce, you’ll wind up with better buying and selling prices at all vendors in the Settled Systems. I do recommend taking Commerce, as you’ll save a ton of credits, which you may then spend on.

Some of this medicine, along with her unique medical skills, can help you heal:

There are countless status effects and afflictions that a medical professional can help you resolve; that way, you don’t waste precious resources in the field.

Once you learn where to find the local doctor, you’ll be well on your way to exploring new universes in NG+!

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