All Status Afflictions and How to Cure Them in Starfield

Teach a man to heal himself and he'll fight all day.

Starfield Reliant Medical Workbench
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In a game about exploring the galaxy, specifically as part of the exploration group Constellation, you’ll spend an unfathomable amount of time in combat. The modern-day Jacques Cousteau seems to wield a Magpulse instead of a telescope and journal. What’s my point? You will wind up dealing with all manner of ailments due to combat encounters, fall damage, and what have you across the Settled Systems. Here’s every status affliction and how to cure them in Starfield!

Every Status Affliction and Cure in Starfield

Status EffectCure
AddictionJunk Flush
Brain InjuryInjector, Snake Oil
BurnsHeal Gel, Heal Paste, Antibiotic Paste, Infused Bandage, Analgesic Poultice
ConcussionInjector, Snake Oil
ContusionBandages, Repairing Immobilizer, Infused Bandage, Analgesic Poultice
Dislocated LimbImmobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer, Anchored Immobilizer
Fractured LimbImmobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer, Anchored Immobilizer
Fractured SkullImmobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer, Anchored Immobilizer
FrostbiteHeal Gel, Heal Paste, Antibiotic Paste, Infused Bandage, Analgesic Poultice
HeatstrokeInjector, Snake Oil
InfectionAntibiotics, Penicillin X, Antibiotic Paste, Antibiotic Cocktail, Analgesic Poultice
LacerationBandage, Infused Bandage, Repairing Immobilizer, Analgesic Poultice
Lung DamageInjector, Snake Oil
PoisoningInjector, Snake Oil
Puncture WoundBandage, Repairing Immobilizer, Infused Bandage, Analgesic Poultice
Radiation PoisoningInjector, Snake Oil
SprainImmobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer, Anchored Immobilizer
Torn MuscleImmobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer, Anchored Immobilizer
HerniaInjector, Snake Oil

Visit a Reliant Medical

Starfield Reliant Medical Doctor
Screenshot by Prima Games

Let’s say you’re running desperately low on medical supplies and are dealing with an affliction in Starfield. If so, your best option is to hit a major city and find the local Reliant Medical. The doctor there will treat all of your afflictions for a small sum of credits, leaving you like new!

You can find Reliant Medical here:

  • Reliant Medical, MAST District, New Atlantis
    • From the starport in New Atlantis, take the NAT to the MAST District, then take a right and follow the pathway by the pond. It will lead to Reliant Medical.
  • Reliant Medical, Cydonia
    • Enter the settlement of Cydonia through the airlock, then head directly down the ramp, Reliant Medical is on your immediate left before the stairs leading into the mining pit.
  • Reliant Medical, Neon
    • Enter the city of Neon through the starport, then take an immediate right. It’s the first building on the right-hand side, with a large sign.

If you’re suffering from ailments in Starfield, then trust in Prima Games to help heal you through these tough times. Once you’re feeling better, check out our guide on how to find every unique crew member in Starfield.

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