Where to Find Every Unique Crew Member in Starfield

Skip Constellation and hire these unique crew instead!

Starfield Heller and Lin Companions
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Alongside Constellation, most of which may follow you, did you know there are a total of 26 available companions in Starfield? Throughout the Settled Systems, tucked away behind side quests or unique points of interest, there are named characters with specialized skill sets that will follow players or work as crew on your starship. It’s just a matter of tracking them down. Here is where to find every unique crew member in Starfield!

Every Unique Crew Member in Starfield

Starfield Heller as a Companion
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To clarify, you can, of course, recruit Sarah Morgan, Vasco, Barrett, Sam Coe, and Andreja, but if you want some variety, then follow along. The following unique characters will join you if you complete a few steps beforehand; namely, they require side quests or special perks.

  • Rafael Aguerro: Rafael will join you upon completing the Entangled main story quest, but only on the caveat that players save his version of reality. After the great rescue, Rafael will travel to New Atlantis, where you can find him lounging in The Viewport.
    • Outposting Engineering: 1/5
    • Starship Engineering: 2/5
    • Outpost Management: 1/5

  • Mathis Castillo: Mathis will join you upon completing Legacy’s End side quest, but only if you side with the Crimson Fleet and do not tell Delgado about Mathis’ true intentions. You’ll find him on The Key.
    • Weight Lifting: 1/5
    • Ballistics: 1/5
    • Incapacitation: 2/5

  • Autumn MacMillan: Autumn will join you after completing The Hammer Falls. Once the side quest concludes, speak with her at Red Mile to gain a new crew member.
    • Pistol Certification: 2/5
    • Botany: 1/5
    • Sharpshooting: 1/5

  • Major Hadrian Sanon: After finishing A Legacy Forged, Hadrian will become available to recruit as a companion and crew member. You’ll need to visit the TMO Headquarters near Cydonia.
    • Energy Weapon Dissipation: 1/5
    • Pain Tolerance: 2/5
    • Xenosociology: 1/5

  • Amelia Earheart: The clone of Amelia Earheart is lounging around the township during Operation Starseed. Upon completing the side quest, you can recruit her at the Crucible.
    • Piloting: 2/5
    • Rifle Certification: 2/5

  • Heller: Do you remember Heller from the prologue? Well, you can recruit him during The Empty Nest main quest, in which you will return to Vectera to scoop up Barrett.
    • Geology: 1/5
    • Outpost Engineering: 3/5

  • Lin: Like Heller, Lin becomes a recruitable companion and crew member following The Empty Nest story mission.
    • Demolitions: 1/5
    • Outpost Management: 3/5

  • Moara Otero: After completing The Old Neighborhood, Moara Otero becomes available to recruit from The Broken Spear in Cydonia.
    • EM Weapon Systems: 2/5
    • Marksmanship: 2/5

  • Jessamine Griffin: By visiting Last Nova on The Key, which is Crimson Fleet territory in Kryx, Jessamine will become available to recruit. However, it will cost 18,000 credits to hire her to your crew.
    • Theft: 1/5
    • Ballistic Weapon Systems: 3/5
    • Concealment: 1/5

  • Andromeda Kepler: If you have the credits to pony up, Andromeda is available to hire for 12,00 credits from The Broken Spear in Cydonia.
    • Outpost Engineering: 2/5
    • Piloting: 1/5
    • Aneutronic Fusion: 1/5

  • Gideon Akar: Head over to The Viewport in New Atlantis to recruit Gideon for 16,500 credits.
    • Ballistic Weapon Systems: 2/5
    • Missile Weapon Systems: 2/5

  • Marika Boros: You can recruit Marika from The Viewport in New Atlantis by coughing up 18,000 credits to pay her fee.
    • Shotgun Certification: 1/5
    • Ballistics: 2/5
    • Particle Beam Weapon System: 1/5

  • Simeon Bankowski: You’ll have a chance to hire Simeon for 15,000 credits by visiting The Viewport in New Atlantis. It’s quite the hangout for unique crew members!
    • Sharpshooting: 1/5
    • Sniper Certification: 2/5
    • Marksmanship: 1/5

  • Ezekiel: If you visit Aggie’s Bar in Akila City, Ezekiel is a regular patron just looking for a chat with a kind stranger. If you speak with him, you can recruit him. Easy as that!
    • Scavenging: 1/5
    • Energy Weapon Dissipation: 2/5
    • Shield Systems: 1/5

  • Lyle Brewer: Once again, at Aggie’s Bar in Akila City, you will find Lyle. But he will cost you a few credits, namely 15,000, to recruit.
    • Ballistic Weapon Systems: 2/5
    • Missile Weapon Systems: 2/5

  • Omari Hassan: You can recruit Omari for 15,000 credits by visiting The Hitching Post in Akila City. It’s the open-air bar directly inside the city’s gate.
    • Shield Systems: 3/5
    • Starship Engineering: 2/5

  • Rosie Tannehill: Take a trip over to The Hitching Post in Akila City to find Rosie on occasion, where she’ll join your crew for the tidy sum of 15,000 credits.
    • Medicine: 1/5
    • Wellness: 3/5

  • Dani Garcia: Do you fancy a trip to the bustling city of Neon? On occasion, Dani will visit Euphorika in Neon and request 13,500 credits to join your crew.
    • Chemistry: 1/5
    • Robotics: 2/5
    • Energy Weapon Systems: 1/5

  • Mickey Caviar: As perhaps one of the most eclectic companions available, Mickey likes to hang out and peddle his wares at The Astral Lounge in Neon. He’ll join you for the hefty sum of 18,00 credits.
    • Gastronomy: 1/5
    • Wellness: 2/5
    • Incapacitation: 1/5

  • Sophia Grace: Take a trip down beneath Neon to Madame Sauvage’s Place to find Sophia Grace, who will join your crew for 15,000 credits.
    • Stealth: 3/5
    • Lasers: 1/5

  • Adoring Fan: You can recruit the Adoring Fan by selecting the Hero Worshipped trait during character creation and then hanging around New Atlantis. He’ll join you for free!
    • Scavenging: 1/5
    • Concealment: 1/5
    • Weight Lifting: 2/5

As you can see, most companions have relatively low skill levels. But those you have to pay for tend to have slightly better skills from the outset. As you can only keep a limited number of crew members, companions, and outpost staff, it’s best to pick and choose based on the skills you require to suit specific roles.

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