How to Recruit Supervisor Lin in Starfield

How the tables have turned.

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In Starfield, Supervisor Lin is one of the earliest NPCs you encounter. Although she may come across as unfriendly at first, you will soon discover that she is actually a kind-hearted character. To my surprise, I was able to recruit her as a Companion in the game. Here’s how.

This guide contains spoilers. Read on at your own risk.

When Can You Recruit Lin as Companion in Starfield?

After the first “hallucination incident” and first target practice tutorial, Lin will send you off to explore the universe. Later on, your journey through the main story will lead you back to the planet Vectera, where Supervisor Lin is stationed. You’ll soon learn that someone Lin holds in high regard has gone missing. After you offer to help, you’ll get the Empty Nest quest. You need to access a nearby facility and check the computer to complete it.

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You can then offer Lin to join you. Initially reluctant because she’s not a “space person,” she will eventually accept and become your Companion.

Computer Location in The Empty Nest Quest in Starfield

To complete the Empty Nest quest, you need to locate a computer by following the quest marker. However, first, you must deal with the witch outside the door.

Once inside, extract the data from the computer by selecting the appropriate dialogue option. This will give you an audio transmission that you can listen to by opening your Inventory and heading to Notes.

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After listening to the transmission, find Lin outside the facility and report your findings. Pursue further dialogue with Lin and start talking about her job. She’ll confess that she isn’t entirely happy with her job and needs a change in career.

That’s where you come in.

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Now, your former supervisor is your subordinate. Maybe she’s not a fan favorite, but Lin is a helpful Companion.

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