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Starfield Romance

Playing a game by yourself is an enjoyable experience for many people. While some may prefer multiplayer, others are satisfied with jumping in alone and having their in-game NPCs be a source of socialization and entertainment. With Starfield being a single-player game, you can expect a similar experience. However, diving into romance and marriage is a completely different realm. To learn more, continue reading to discover whether Starfield features romance options.

Can You Romance Characters in Starfield?

Yes, Starfield features romance. As noted by Todd Howard in an interview with Kinda Funny, the four main Constellation companions are romanceable, giving you several options for characters to pursue as you play.

Currently, there is little public information about how exactly romance mechanics work and what lengths you’ll have to go to woo someone. However, we know that each main companion features complete quest lines, likely giving you a steady path to meeting, befriending, and eventually romancing your chosen ones.

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With Starfield having a Mature ESRB rating and “Suggestive themes”, there may be some intimate scenes with your companions. However, since the warning doesn’t explicitly list sexual content, we can assume it’ll occur privately off-screen rather than on full display for us to witness. With that said, any on-screen moments will likely be limited to sweet words and some kisses here and there.

In the interview linked above, Howard also mentions that companions can get angry with you, depending on your choices as you speak with them. With this in mind, we can also assume the same works for romancing: the decisions you make and the dialogue options you pick will sway a character’s opinion of you.

Starfield will be available on September 6, 2023, on PC and Xbox Series X|S. To learn more about the game, check out all Starfield weapons revealed so far, or click the game tag below to browse our growing content collection!

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